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    Dimmer switch

    I have a UltraPro Z-Wave Smart Light Dimmer switch that I want to use to adjust the dim level of a light that is plugged into a Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Dimmer Module. The switch will turn the module off and on, but no dim controls.

    When I set the switch to a dim level in HS it does nothing. When I set the dim level of the module in HS it dims the light.

    What setting, step, or event setting am I missing?

    Unfortunately it looks like you picked a dimmer that doesn't support Z-wave associations for multi-level set:

    What you can do however is use Homeseer to link the two together rather than through Z-wave associations.

    On the Wall Dimmer click the Linked Device dropdown and select the Dimmer Module. Whenever you change the Wall dimmer then Homeseer will change dimmer module to the same value (on or off, dim level). If you already have a Z-wave association setup between the two devices then you need to remove it to prevent conflicts from using the Homeseer linked device function.

    Click image for larger version

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      I have an UltraPro Z-Wave Smart Light Dimmer # 54897 and an EVA LOGIK Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Dimmer Plug # ZW39, but I can not get the dimmer to dim the plug and lights. I have linked the devices, and they both work, but no dimming happens when using the dimmer switch.

      Any tips for help would be appreciated.