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    Any guidance?

    I've found some posts about backup processes, but I'm unsure how to fully back up everything in HS3. I'm switching to a new machine due to a factory default/restore, and I want to ensure I don't miss anything, especially paid plugins. Can someone guide me through the process to avoid any missing elements?​

    No idea if this is the 'approved' method, but this is whats worked for me. You can simply copy your entire HS3 directory including all subfolders assuming your fresh install is also HS3 and you put it in the same directory path you then just overwrite the new insall with your saved HS3 folder.

    If you're changing from HS3 to HS4, or you're changing the install path you'd probably want to use Homeseer itself to restore your last backup.
    You don't need to worry about losing paid addons; there is a Homeseer support page that will email you all your licenses. the form is at the bottom of the page.

    HS4 Pro on Shuttle NC10U, Win10; Z-NET
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    Number of Events: 293

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    External applications: Homebridge-homeseer, Geofency, EgiGeoZone.


      I am aware of a few techniques employed by those that contribute to this board. One is a regular image backup daily such as using Acronis. Another as stated above is to manually create a backup whenever you are so inclined.

      In my case I do have a image backup that is created after I have my HS environment setup. The focus is not on the data, but on the executables so if somethings goes very wrong I can get back to a reasonable starting point, albeit I may lose historical data that has been collected. To deal with the change in events that have been setup, devices, created, data collected for charting, etc., I use the backup facility in mcsMQTT to store anything that has changed each day in the HS realm. Generally this is the HS and its subfolders, but some things are store elsewhere that I want to backup as well. This backup goes to a large USB stick where a folder is created each day by the plugin to zip-up folder-by-folder everything that had changed from the prior day. This way it is easy to get back to a recent state with minimum effort.

      I have not have too many needs to go to use the backup files, but having some flexibility in what aspect of the backup I would like to restore I have found to be beneficial. For example, if I had been making changes to support function XYZ then I would like to be able to restore from a backup what broke and still be able to take advantage of the work I did on XYZ.

      There are other plugin providers of backup functionality. I just included in mcsMQTT what I thought would cover the backup needs that I had experienced over the years.


        This only applies if you run HS under Windows.

        I use 2 methods. The BLBackup plugin is designed for HS3, but functions fine under HS4. I also use Macrium Reflect at the server hardware level. There is a built-in HS backup.
        • HomeSeer built in backup, only backs up the data, scripts, config and html directories. It does not backup anything else, so a full system restore is only possible after reinstalling HS and all plugins. It cannot backup in-use data files.
        • BLBackup can be setup for full HS directory backups, but it cannot copy in-use data files.
        • Macrium (or Acronis and others) can backup the entire system hardware and successfully copy in-use files by using Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy.
        The best method is the hardware backup because you can pick an accurate snapshot at the moment of backup, with all data files intact. Any of the methods will create a backup of the HomeSeer data JSON files as they are not “active”, but any 3P plugins that use their own databases will likely have the files locked and not backed up.

        I use BLBackup only for redundancy, I rely on Macrium. I backup both twice a day and retain 30 days of backups. BLBackup at 1A and 1P, Macrium at 6A and 6P. I have had 2 SSD complete failures, one in 2016 and another this January. Both were Samsung drives In both instances I was able to do a full metal restore to a new SSD using a Macrium backup.

        I have also restored just HS4 or some HS4 files from a Macrium backup.

        Here is an example of an HS built in backup. There were 28 warnings. Some of these are HS4 plugins and could have the plug-in author implement the requested changes. Some are HS3 plug-ins and there is no support to add the requested changes.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	331.7 KB ID:	1660073
        HS4 Pro, Windows 10 pro, Supermicro LP Xeon