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    Homeseer unresponsive

    Hi everyone,

    I'm hoping someone can offer some suggestions here. Recently homeseer has been becoming unresponsive after a number of days. There doesn't seem to be any specific event in the log that occurs at this point.
    When it becomes unresponsive, I lose web access and the actual GUI on the HS computer goes blank white (it's usually on the log page). If I open task manager I see the memory usage of the homeseer.exe process counting up and up and up I can kill the process and restart homeseer without rebooting the computer and it will run fine for a few more days.
    I'm running the latest version of homeseer available through the updater(1.7.30 at a guess but I'm not at home at the moment to check)

    Anyone any ideas on how I can resolve this problem?


    Hi Neil,

    Are you running HomeSeer "clean" right now? Or do you load up plugins along with it?

    I have had issues in the past where something else goes on the fritz with my machine and I've had to start giving the three-fingered salute. (I run HS on a dedicated machine for my HA stuff, but it's not the only app running.) After the dominos have started to topple though, I have had to unload any plugins that were running and restart homeseer clean to cure a memory leak issue that would be somehow connected. These same plugins would then run rock solid again. This would survive through a reboot and everything if I didn't unload them and restart though, it's happened twice. (over 2 years though, i should add)

    Good luck,



      I don't know why or remember how I found this out. I delete my ah.log file every 2 days and it seems to run better after I do that.
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        I used to have that problem

        I too had a HUGE ah.log. I was using Whois and it was reading the entire log every 30 minutes when the event ran. Everything died. I put in the additional step to copy the current ah.log to ah1.log, then delete ah.log. The problem went away. I had a similar problem with the caller.log, modem.log, and the Ocelot.log. I caught the Ocelot.log when it kept showing up as no space but I had 20G free. Seems it got up to the 4G limit.


          Neil Foster:

          What plugins do you have installed? Some can be resource hogs if not managed closely.


            In my normal operation Homeseer will take a breath of about 70 Meg and then exhale to about 35 Meg. The cycle is typically 16 hours, but varies. I don't know why. I have WebAgent, mcsMusic, mcsDeviceGrid and mcsXap as the installed plugins. These plugins are essentially event-based so they do not contribute to the utilization much. Only mcsXap is active in normal operations.

            Most of my functionality is in xAP nodes running on various machines. Most use around 3 Meg each, with the biggest being mcsSprinklers at 11 Meg. CPU utilization for the xAP nodes is a few seconds per day with the exception of the Ocelot that has cpu consumption on par with that of Homeseer. Both are roughly 1 hour/day. It sure takes a lot of time to manage that serial interface with the ocelot. The next biggest cpu hitters are mcsSprinklers and 1Wire at about 2 minutes/day. All xAP applications have a steady memory utilization.

            I have seen the xap node for Temp05 take off and start gobblilng memory. It only happens when it is not instrumented and I have noticed it twice in the past few months. It is running on a different computer than Homeseer so there is no relationship between it's performance and Homeseer. I have also seen the mcsEnvironment xAP node exceed its allocated 20 open sockets every once in awhile which means the sockets are not being closed down when a transaction is completed. By the time I see this it calls for a reboot because things seem to have slowed down a bit. mcsEnvironment runs on the same PC as Homeseer.

            I have often observed the Windows message about increasing the Virtual Memory but have never done anything about it other than the OK response to the message box.

            In the past I have periodically restarted the PC as a matter or preventative maintenance. I still do this with Audrey, but no longer with the PCs. It is a reasonable solution to clear things out before they get too bad. The memmax from analogx is also a good cop to restore memory back to the OS when the applications forget to do it.


              Run this script nightly, it will archive your old log and keep your current one small.
              You may have to create a C:\Program Files\HomeSeer\logs directory.

              ' Mail and purge log
              ' Original credit to Frank J. Perricone
              ' This script emails a copy of the current HomeSeer log to the
              ' specified address, then purges the log, rotating it through a
              ' set of the last ten logs. Note that the HomeSeer screen display and
              ' web server are not updated by this -- they'll still show as
              ' much as they already do, as controlled by HS's settings.
              ' It's only the log file on disk that's affected.
              ' To install this, change the following constants to reflect
              ' the mail addresses to use in the mailed copy of the log:
              ' Change 7/15/03, keeps an daily archive of logs permanently. Timestamped
              ' in the log's title.
              const FromAddress = ""
              const ToAddress =
              ' Then, create an event that runs just as often as you like (I run mine
              ' every day) that does nothing but runs this script, and you're all set.
              sub main()
              Dim FSO, path
              Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
              path = hs.GetAppPath
              ' Log the fact that we're doing this
              hs.WriteLog "System","Emailing and purging log " + path + "\ah.log"
              ' Email the current log
              '#### UNREM THE FOLLOWING TO ENABLE EMAIL ####
              'hs.SendEmail ToAddress,FromAddress,"HomeSeer log file","Today's HomeSeer log file", path+"\ah.log"
              ' Replaces illegal characters that will be a part of the archives file's path
              current = now
              current = Replace (current, ":" , "-",1,-1,1)
              current = Replace (current, "/" , "-",1,-1,1)
              'Create paths for copy and save
              source = path & "\ah.log"
              dest = path & "\logs" & "\Log " & current & ".log"
              hs.WriteLog "System","Saving archive log as " & dest
              ' Timestamps current HS log file and then copies it to HS working directory
              FSO.CopyFile source, dest
              hs.WaitSecs 10 ' let it do its magic before proceeding
              ' Rotate logs
              If FSO.FileExists(path+"\ah10.log") then FSO.DeleteFile path+"\ah10.log"
              If FSO.FileExists(path+"\ah9.log") then FSO.MoveFile path+"\ah9.log", path+"\ah10.log"
              If FSO.FileExists(path+"\ah8.log") then FSO.MoveFile path+"\ah8.log", path+"\ah9.log"
              If FSO.FileExists(path+"\ah7.log") then FSO.MoveFile path+"\ah7.log", path+"\ah8.log"
              If FSO.FileExists(path+"\ah6.log") then FSO.MoveFile path+"\ah6.log", path+"\ah7.log"
              If FSO.FileExists(path+"\ah5.log") then FSO.MoveFile path+"\ah5.log", path+"\ah6.log"
              If FSO.FileExists(path+"\ah4.log") then FSO.MoveFile path+"\ah4.log", path+"\ah5.log"
              If FSO.FileExists(path+"\ah3.log") then FSO.MoveFile path+"\ah3.log", path+"\ah4.log"
              If FSO.FileExists(path+"\ah2.log") then FSO.MoveFile path+"\ah2.log", path+"\ah3.log"
              If FSO.FileExists(path+"\ah1.log") then FSO.MoveFile path+"\ah1.log", path+"\ah2.log"
              If FSO.FileExists(path+"\ah.log") then FSO.MoveFile path+"\ah.log", path+"\ah1.log"
              ' Start the new log
              hs.WriteLog "System","New archive " & dest & " created."

              end sub
              Last edited by Bill Brower; August 4, 2005, 12:22 AM.



                Many thanks for all the replies.

                I have deleted my ah.log, it wasnt particulary big i wouldn't have thought at about 1.5MB. I don't run any plug-ins. I will try setting up an event to trigger the script you posted Bill and see how things go over the next week or so. I'm off camping in a couple of weeks so really want to sort out this stability issue. I've been running homeseer for about five years now and never had problems like this up until recently!

                thanks again


                  My HS webserver was dragging very slow. I deleted the ah.log and it's back to normal. Thanks for the info.

                  "The universal answer is 42."


                    Originally posted by bruce l
                    My HS webserver was dragging very slow. I deleted the ah.log and it's back to normal. Thanks for the info.
                    So the universal answer wasn't 42?



                      Sorted I hope!

                      Just a little update...

                      Fingers crossed, but deleting the ah.log each night seems to have cured my problem!

                      Many thanks!!



                        Can you guys define "big"? Mine is about 7 meg right now..
                        HS3 Pro Edition (Windows Server 8.1 on ESXi box)

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                          Originally posted by wpiman
                          Can you guys define "big"? Mine is about 7 meg right now..
                          Running normally (not debugging anything), I get about 250k-ish a day.

                          I rotate my logfiles along with my nightly backups.



                            Thanks for the info. 7 meg doesn't seem like much then.

                            I as well was having some random hangs. I implemented the script here- and modified it to backup the modem.log and the hsphone.log as well. Hopefully this will work.
                            HS3 Pro Edition (Windows Server 8.1 on ESXi box)

                            Plug-Ins Enabled:
                            weatherXML:,JowiHue:,APCUPSD:,PHLocation:,Chromecast:,EasyTr igger: