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Cleaning Touchscreens, How?

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  • Cleaning Touchscreens, How?

    Anyone got any suggestion on how I might clean Audrey's screen? She's a bit dirty, being in the kitchen all the time.


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    I asked this exact same question about a year ago pertaining to my laptop and someone that worked for a laptop manufacturing company said they use Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol. I have used this for over a year on my laptop, Audry, and my new LCD monitor. Works perfectly.



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      That's what I use on my regular glass computer monitors. Are touch screens any different?


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        Windex is what I use on monitors and LCD panels. I had some monitor specific cleaner but I was told they are just same as Windex with way higher price tag. So I went with Windex for the last few years and everything is still good.



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          Rubbing alcohol and flannel work wonders. I imagine a MF towel would achieve the same results though...


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            How about those Glass cleaner wipes?


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              You really should be careful when using some of the common household glass cleaners (like Windex, etc.) on glass and flatscreen monitors, especially ones that have an anti-glare coating on them. They tend to eventually eat away the anti-glare coating and will look every "streaked" the point where it will bother you. Take your chances if you want, but I've seen the results myself. Some "common" cleaners also might look great, but often attract dust themselves.


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                Every technology has recommendations. For example, Windex contains ammonia, which can cause clouding on some plastics, and some touchscreens may have a thin layer of plastic over them. Ammonia is good at removing grime that builds up from human contact - fingers - such as on keyboards, switches, etc.

                Rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly and may not have the same clouding effect.

                One person I know uses a mixture of many parts water and one part Downey fabric softener, and it works great, smells nice AND keeps static down.

                Read the manual or contact the manufacturer.
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                  Dell recommends rubbing alcohol. I searched for this answer about 4 years ago when I bought my Dell laptop and it took for ever to finely get and answer but their tech support came through for me.


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                    I use optics wipes. These are used for cleaning fibre optic connections and camera lenses. They work really well on my laptop which has a touchscreen. Will edit this post when I can find out who manufactures them.
                    Found it they are manufactured by a company called Chemtronics.


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                      <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Anyone got any suggestion on how I might clean Audrey's screen? She's a bit dirty, being in the kitchen all the time.

                      I recomend the gentle cycle with a low spin speed
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                        If after reading this you do decide to use some type of spray cleaner, like windex a word of advice. NEVER spray the screen dirrectly, it will run and can go into the monitor and damage the circurtry. Always spray the cleaner on a soft cloth, till damp, then wipe the screen. As mentioned above, flannel works great and is very gental.

                        And to follow up College Boys live post above, never place the monitor in the dryer, I suggest hanging over the shower curtain rod to air dry
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                          I used to build computers for many years (until Microsoft came with Win95.. ) and always used Isopropyl to clean everything and anything. (Works great on plastic as well).

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