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    I was looking to have VPN included but there seems to be a lot of bad comments on the Linksys/Cisco unit WRV54G.
    Any have experience with this unit?


      I work with 802.11 professionally - mostly enterprise scale with Cisco access points. Some Symbol. Orinoco, now owned by Proxim, is problemmatic in terms of support and prognosis.

      The consumer WiFi - what's amusing is that there are only about 3 chipset vendors - and dozens of brand names. The differentiators are the ease of use in the Web Server GUI in these products and what they do/don't implement, and their attention to standards. My experience is that in the consumer space, for APs, Linksys is way ahead, well worth the 15% premium. If I had to choose 2nd, it would probably be Buffalo. Netgear switches are good, but their wireless gets a low score because they don't give control settings for key parameters.

      In PCMCIA WiFi cards - geesh, they're all about the same, except for a tiny few which support 200mW - most are 100mW. But, that's only 3dB which isn't all that much in RF. This is '11b. 11g is only 30mW because of OFDM.

      Like adding RAM to a PC, using a higher gain antenna on your AP has the most bang for the buck, if you need more range.

      I've done a lot with 802.11b repeaters too - works well - but have to use same brand name. One job I did covers a large area outdoor/indoor with CAT-5-less repeaters and one root AP and various high gain omni antennas.

      I like buying the end of life 11b stuff at bargin prices - since normal home use doesn't really benefit from 11g's speed.


        <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Linksys is way ahead, well worth the 15% premium. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
        I believed the same but after reading all the bad reviews on that unit I mentioned, I stopped considering Linksys. It wasn't just one person, there were many. I started looking again. Netgear seems to get a lot of positive comments but I haven't seen a Netgear unit giving G and VPN. Just need to look some more.


          Am I the only one running Buffalo?

          It was the cheapest G router I could find (at the time), and it supported WEP, RADIUS, WPA, WPA-PSK, NAT tables, a bridge/repeater mode and support for additional antennas.

          I'm pretty happy with it.


            I've been running a linksys WRTG54 since they came out. It's a wireless switch w/router and has operated flawlessly. The latest microcode supports all of the security options (WEP, RADIUS, WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA-TLK) in addition to various filters to secure access. Liked it so much I added a linksys switch (just cabled the two together with a normal cat-5) to extend my lan segment to the other side of the house and then added a WAP54 (plugged into that switch). I can walk with my touchpads from the front street to the lake w/o problems. The linksys 54g units are based on a linux kernel and are extremely stable. To implement the WPA security option you need both firmware updates for you wireless adapter and windows updates. Once the updates are applied you can use windows native support for configuring your wireless networks. I am running radius on my win2k3 server to support them.


              Buffalo was pretty shakey the first year or two, but now it seems good - high end SOHO/consumer grade.


                I have a Linksys Cable/DSL Wireless Router have been using it now for about 3 1/2 years never touch it. My Laptop is a Apple Powerbook G4 and I also have a Compaq TC1000 Tablet both have there own 802.11[x] cards and they all work just fine my range is very good and Ido not have any interferiance with my other wireless devices such as the phone, w80032 etc..

                So based on this my low cost home solution of choice is Linksys



                  I am using a LinkSys Wireless-G Broadband Router (WRT54G) and it works awesome for my wireless laptop as well as my hardwired desktops. Hope this helps.
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                    I asked this question back in 2001. I think Jim Doolittle recently revived this thread for a question on the CF01.


                      I am using an older Dlink wireless router (the 614+) When I bought it it was 11Mpbs. They offered a firmware upgrade on their website and I am now running 22MBps. I have not had problem one with the setup. I have a wireless card in my laptop and my Fujitsu. The DSL goes from the DSL modem through the router and all the computers in the house have not problems viewing each others files, I have no problem accessing HS from the outside either. I have found tech support to be great with them and their website is fast for upgrades ect.
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