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HAWizard sunrise/sunset download when disconnected

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  • HAWizard sunrise/sunset download when disconnected

    Is it correct to assume that if an event is based on sunrise or sunset, and is downloaded to CM11a, then computer is disconnected from CM11a, that the event will execute based on the time of the sunrise or sunset the day it was downloaded?

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    My understanding is this will NOT work. The CM11a internal clock is not used to determine the conditions, and the CM11a cannot itself do conditional logic.


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      So why would HS allow me to D/L those events to the cm11a then, if it somehow ignores the sunrise/set times? There are (D)s in front of all those events.

      So it just fixates on the rise/set time on the day I d/led it, right?


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        When you download an event based on sunrise/set, the time is set at download. Therefore, the event will trigger at the same time every day. You could download once a week to update it.

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          and works out well for me, since I'm always playing with (I mean adjusting variables) my events, and redownloading again.

          I've never found an explanation in HS help files what that 'Auto-download' checkbox does, so I'll continue to manually clear the memory, then manually d/l the latest events each time. Am I wasting my time?


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            Maybe I'm missing something here and my copy of Homeseer is in fact NOT corrupted - where is this "download" to CM11A checkbox?

            I USED to have one in each event (make that *most* events - depending on what type some events did not have the checkbox). Now that function seems to be entirely removed from Homeseer.

            I also USED to have the ability to go to the Tools menu and do a master Download of all events to the CM11A.

            What's going on?


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              You need the HAWizard to get this functionality. See this thread:



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                Why not use X-10's activehome (free) to download basic events to the CM 11A?

                It WILL download changing Sunset/Sunrise times to the memory of the CM 11A. (I used it for this for a couple of years. It changed my lights on time about once a week AUTOMATICALLY. The frequency of the SR/SS times changing is based on the "resolution" you use, which is governed by the limited memory of the CM 11A and the # of events you download.)

                No if/then commands though. CM 11A is not capable of that internally.

                This is an easy and free way to get basic commands (including sunrise/sunset) to run while the HS PC is off.

                I DON'T think that this will interfere w/ HS since HS does NOT use the memory of the CM 11A (or Powerlinc etc.)

                You can download activehome here: .

                Just make sure it doesn't run at startup.

                Sorry if I missed the point.