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Pool Pump Control & Timing

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    Pool Pump Control & Timing

    I now have my pool filter and pool cleaner controlled by ELK9100 controllers so HomeSeer can turn them on and off.

    So, how long should I run them each night? My pool dealer says "1 hour a night for every 10 degrees F of average temp." Previous to this I ran the filter 4 hours per night and it worked fine. (I have a very big pump for the pool size.)

    With HomeSeer I have the system read the daily low temp, and high temp, add them together and divide by 2. That gives an approx. average temp. Then I want to add some based on winds and using a calculation I get the hours. I can do all this, and its better then nothing, but what I'd really like is some type of sensor to actually tell when the pump has run enough, but I'm not sure what I would test for? Any ideas? Or has anyone seen such a sensor to purchase? I've seen vacuum cleaners with "dirt sensors." I need a dirt sensor for a pool.

    I run mine during the day for 8 hrs during peak usage months and 4 hrs during the winter. Live in FL so it make a difference