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remote IR control of PVR via web??

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    remote IR control of PVR via web??

    Hi Guys,

    Have some x10 gear at home doing various stuff, and connected to my PC via CM-12 computer module.

    I have bought a DigiCrystal digital terrestial TV set top box n(PVR), with hard drive.

    I would like to be able to log onto my server at home, via the net, and start or program the PVR remotely to record a program.

    So, what's the best way??

    I gather I need an infrared transmitter in the room with the PVR, to transmit the codes to the PVR.

    So then, how do I then link this transmitter into the PC, and will Homeseer be able to interact and allow me to do the programming remotely??

    My motherboard has a IR header, so I could get an IR transmitter for it, then aim that at a IR extender... seems a lot of extras tho...

    So, ideas guys??

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      I'd say go buy a USB-UIRT and then HS can send IR commands. It would probably a bit of a pain to get everything just right though when coming in over the web but it can be done.