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    VR Question

    Here is a scenario between me and my computer (Stella):

    Me: stella lets watch a movie

    Stella: which movie would you like to watch?

    Me: national treasure

    My first command is "recognized" by the computer and a response is given and a then a StartListen is initiated. I would like my second statement captued as a variable. Rather than have to have every movie I own in the recognization statement I would like some way to just use my second statement captured so I can use it as a variable ({{moviename}} irepresenting a directory in the path for opening the movie in Zoomplayer.

    eg. "M:\{{moviename}}\Video_ts.ifo"

    Is there a way to time out the StartListen and retrieve what I said from LastCommand somehow?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Have a look at AddVoiceCommand in the Hs help files. I think this is what you after.
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      Thanx for the response Rupp.

      Do I still have to add all my movie titles and update the script with new titles as:

      hs.AddVoiceCommand = "national treasure"
      hs.AddVoiceCommand = "assault on precinct 13"
      hs.AddVoiceCommand = "the aviator"



        Yep. They have to be there for HS to be able to react to them. But at least this way you can read them from your database and automate that code some how.
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          All my dvd titles are in an Access database used in Cinemar's DVDLobby.

          I will search through the help file to try and figure this but if any one could point me in the right direction with an example on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.