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    I know this is not the preferred method for listening to XM via your automation gear since the stream is 64k at best, but i'm only using this as background noise - not pumping it through the home theater system. I plan to replace this with XM hardware at some point, but that will have to be after I move (a task I'm NOT looking forward to.)

    I found this AWESOME little program called XaMpD that authenticates and streams the music without any of the crap that XM Online has in the Flash client. (Like a timeout in which the only way you can avoid it is to scroll around the channels... timeouts and automating aren't so friendly together.) Anyways, this XaMpD app is pretty awesome on its own. Tune select, artist select, notification boxes, presets, MSN integration, etc. I have the urge to integrate it with HS, so I inquired about the ability of this program to export the data it extracts from XM. Imagine my surprise when the developer agreed to help me out. (Thanks m0mo!)

    So I get an extract for the current channel's music, and then one for ALL the channels. I haven't figured out how to properly parse in the multiple channels one so I can browse what's playing (it's a TON of data) but I got the current channel one working like a champ.

    To get XaMpD to create the two data files, create a new DWORD in HKEY_USERS\Software\mOmo productions\XaMpD with a name of "Homeseer" (don't use quotes, obviously.) Set the value to 1.

    Then when you login to XaMpD, you'll notice the files singleData.txt and allData.txt appear in the XaMpD directory. They refresh automatically every 30 seconds with the XM stream update, plus the singleData updates whenever you change channels.

    singleData.txt will output:
    [Frank's Place (73)]
    Track: Three Little Fishies
    Artist: Maria Muldaur
    Album: Swingin' in the Rain
    and allData.txt outputs:
    Track: Empty Souls
    Artist: Manic Street Preachers
    Track: Y Te Vi Con El
    Artist: Conjunto Atardecer
    Album: Cd Single
    Track: Wenyukela
    Artist: Ladysmith Black Mambazo
    Album: Raise Your Spirit Higher
    XaMpD outputs the allData in the order it was received from XM - which is completely random, apparently. I'm going to have to import it into a database and then query it, I guess.

    I use VBScript to parse the singleData to import it directly into HomeSeer every 25 seconds. I've attached my scripting to import the singleData text into devices in HS - I tried to make it user friendly. (That's how I'm getting the cover art, btw... just some re-arranging of the extracted data to get a filename. The downside is I don't have every image on every channel - I need to find a good image database to query.)

    The executable xampd.exe will accept the following as command line parameters:
    channel XX (where XX = channel)
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