I'm going on holiday tomorrow (woohoo!) and am setting up some security events.

I've got the webcam plug in which will take still pictures for a minute if the living room sensor is triggered. (Event is called Still_Capture)

I've got an event called FTP_to_server which will ftp the still pictures to a webserver. This event is triggered by Still_Capture (under the 'run events' tab)

What I'm wanting to do is delay FTP_to_server for one minute until the Still_Capture event has stopped running. What is the best way to go about this? The only one I can think of is to have a device called 'Capturing' which is turned on when Still_Capture is called, and turned off again 60 seconds later, and then changing FTP_to_server to tigger when 'Capturing' changes to off.

Any other ideas?