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    Gardena sprinklers

    dunno if I'm posting in the right thread . . . but I'll try.

    I got a complete set of Gardena sprinklers with a Gardena 6030 sprinkler computer, cabling and all from my dad, he moved into a appartment and doesn't need it anymore.

    I can hook it up according to the manual, but then it's a standalone system, and since I have Homeseer installed, I would like to integrate the sprinklers into my HS environment.

    My Gardena 6030 computer has 3 AA batteries in it, so I guess the valves work on 4,5 volts. I asked the manufacturer of the system to give me some specs on the voltage used to open/close the valves, but so far I recieved nothing.

    I've been looking at the Rain8, but Rain8 works with 24V.

    Maybe using an Ocelot ? I know it has some relay boards that you can use.

    Does anyone know if the Gardena sprinkler valves can be modified to work with HS ? Maybe someone in the Netherlands who has his Gardena sprinkler attached to HS ?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Typical configuration is a timed controller that is run off of batteries and valves that are run off of 24VAC. The controller accepts the 24VAC and selects which of the valves to turn on. The Rain8 replaces the controller and then a PC can be used to control the Rain8.


      i think the original gardena system use 2 valve power. The low voltage 9V and the normal 24V.
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        Could you explain your Gardena 6030 as I think there may be some confusion with your system. Is it:

        1) A computer controlled timer that is attached to your outside tap/faucet and has an integrated water valve which is battery operated?

        2) A computer controlled timer which is connected to external water valves via cables?


          looks like gardena makes both controllers for wired electric valves and stand-along battery powered timer-valves.


            I measured the voltage on my controller. It has 3 * 1.5 V AA batteries in is, and the output varies from 8-12 V when I open a valve. Closing a valve puts out 4-6 V.

            I guess it's gonna take a lot of time and effort to get the Gardena set to work with Homeseer. I'm thinking of selling the whole set and building a new set from the ground up.

            Sometime I hate myself for wanting to automate everything around the house :-)


              exactly which controller do you have?


                The controller is a type 6030. I guess it's an older one, because I cannot find it anywhere online.

                It's battery operated by 3 * 1.5 V AA batteries.

                The controller is wired to the valves, which are attached to a water pipe which is directly "plugged in" the water supply.

                I can make a photograph of the valves and controller. It's certainly not one of the 2 in the pictures droopyear supplied.


                  well, if there are wires between the controller and the valves...
                  These valves seem to be low voltage DC rather than the common sprinkler controllers which plug-in to wall power. These are 24VAC valves. Rain8 and others are intended to control 24VAC electric valves. You'd have to inquire if it can be adapted for your DC valves. I suspect not.

                  WIth a bit of fiddling, I'd think you could wire up one or more X10 Universal Modules to control your valves. Each module would control one valve, with a supply of DC to match. Your valves might toggle on/off with a pulse of current, since they are battery powered.

                  My garden-hose battery powered timer/controller has a little motor in it to operate the valve. I don't know, but I assume that the polarity of the voltage to this motor is reversed to close versus open. Yours may be the same. If so, this gets too complicated to kack. Time to get 24VAC water valves!


                    Its 6.30 am here in Spain and I couldn't sleep, so I'm at the moment hacking a Gardena T14e computer with valve. Unfortunately the 9v battery in the computer doesn't have enough juice to operate the valve, so need to wait until the shops are open. I Will let you know my findings in the next couple of days.
                    The idea is that if it is a DC voltage that turns on the valve, then using an X-10 appliance module and a 9v mains adaptor I could turn on the valve with an event in HS.
                    But since 24v AC valves are about 22 euros here in Spain, I might end up going the Rain8 route in the end anyway.


                      I taken pictures of the controller and the valve. Maybe somebody recognizes it as another brand/type?

                      But since it's not likely that is will be easy adaptable to HS, I'm thinking of buying a RAIN8 and 24V sprinklers in a couple of days.
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                        After a bit of testing with my Gardena T14e computer and valve. I can confirm the following;
                        The valve is a solenoid type operating a diaphragm.
                        Needs a positive voltage to turn off and a negative voltage to turn on.
                        While I could come up with the correct power supply etc the cost and extra bits make the Rain 8 a more attractive prospect. Not to mention easier.


                          I'll guess I'll do that. I'll order a RAIN8 and some 24V valves.
                          I'll use the sprinklers I'va already got.

                          Thanx everyone for posting tips/ideas



                            I have been through that just the same two years ago, and switched from Gardena to Rain8 from RainBird.

                            The main problem is that the Gardena valves are automaticaly emptied of water when stopped, not the rainbirds'.

                            If you instaled your sprinklers the gardena way, your valves are at the lowest of your pipes. I suggest that you put your new valves somewhere else higher on the pipe, in order not to burry them, and not having to buy an enclosure for each one. You will have to put a small self-emptying device (from rainbird) in place of each old valve.
                            I hope this is clear enough, I could not do it better in dutch...

                            Visit zee e-maison :


                              Installing the Gardena sprinklers indeed requires the lowest points of the pipe.
                              Reading your post, I conclude that the rainbird sprinklers don't have to be at the lowest point ? Instead I need to use small self-emptying devices ?

                              Do I need one of these small self-emptying devices before or after each sprinkler ?