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Event trigger on temperature

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    Event trigger on temperature

    I have an RCS TX-15b, a TempLinc, a window open/closed sensor (via SECU16), and an appliance module that I am trying to "be creative" with... Unfortunately, it is not working. Here is what I am trying to do and how:

    I have the appliance module connected to a whole house fan.
    I have the TempLinc outside
    I have the RCS TX-15b in my living room
    I have one input of the SECU16 connected to a window relay

    I want to script things so that the fan turns on when:

    The temperature at the TempLinc is <76 degrees
    The temperature at the RCS TX-15b is >75
    The window is open

    Likewise, I want the fan to turn off when:

    The window is closed
    The TempLinc is >75
    The temperature inside is <70

    I tried using the conditional event setup but the < and > does not seem to take.

    I am not very familiar with making HS do things that are a bit out of the ordinary. How would I approach this need?


    John, I'm not too familiar with the TempLinc and RCS thermostat, but you can get around the greater-than and less-than issue with two virtual devices.

    Call one "OutsideTempOK" and the other "InsideTempHigh". Then the conditions on your event become:

    OutsideTempOK AND InsideTempHigh AND WindowOpen

    I would assume that the RCS thermostat and TempLinc plug-ins have a mechanism for keeping the two virtual devices updated.


      You will want to be extra sure the window is open before activating the whole house fan. If the fan starts up with no windows open it will suck air back down the exhaust pipes of the heater, hot water heater, fireplace, etc. Not what you want. With x10 sometimes getting fooled by noise on the powerline I would be warry of using x10 to control the fan.



        I am doing something similar with my attic fan. In order to make it work I created 2 virtual devices "inside temp over xx" and "outside temp under xx". These devices are triggered when the temperature reaches xx. The status (ON or OFF) can then be used as conditions for triggering your fan.

        Hope this helps,
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          If you happen to be running mcsTemperatue then you have the logic available to you to trigger on temperature deltas, bands, limits and to run closed loop control with moding enables and disables. If all you need is this single solution then the virtual device concept is a good way to get around Homeseer's native trigger/control limitations.