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    Reddy Ruxrin?!? I ruv Reddy Ruxrin! <says e-puppy>

    Originally posted by JoeMahn
    the e-puppy.. ...definately no teddy ruxpin.
    Joe's right. Its not much more than a speaker and light with a stuffed dog wrapped around it. I posted about it a while back. It IS neat in that its little heart-light can change colors, but there is no documented interface for that..... I have it sitting on a shelf in my office and when the home audio is muted (manually) all sounds gets played through its tummy... Not necessarily worth the 20 bucks, but it is fun to make him/her/it burp....


      Boo Hiss!

      at this price, it's not a lot of "Doe"... more bang for your "Buck" (I need help)
      Oh Deer! Mwaite, I agree, you do need some serious counseling!! hahahaha! Too Funny!

      I guess you could rig up a wireless mic in/on or very near the deer, so it would appear that you were talking to it to issue commands! LOL!
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