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New face for my HS

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    New face for my HS

    Pluged HS pc into this and now HS has a face

    oh deer... that's hilarious... will it lip sync to TTS?


      will it lip sync to TTS? yes , somewhat , the longer the message the better the effect. also will sing mp3 files and can control head movement and ear wiggle via infrared


        So I take to you set the wireless mic next to a speaker?

        An a IR remote?

        Now if we could get a serial connection this could be better the talking Bass.

        I wonder if it would blend in with my other mounted white tail deer...


          No , it has a aux input jack. I pluged into headphone out of pc to aux input on Buck. So anything that comes out of pc goes through the Deer head. With infrared you can make head move up and down as in "yes" or left to right as in "no" or make ears wiggle. This is just for fun and to amuse the grandchildren. Menards has it on sale for $129.00 Looks good above the fire place.


            Reminds me of Disney

            Country bear review.

            Too bad I am not one for mounted heads......


              Can't wait....

              I think this deer would look a little funny speaking with an Indian accent likee Anjali- or a formal Biritish voice like Audrey.........

              Once they put out an Elvis version- I am buying.....

              Now we need AT&T or someone to make a SAPI compliant Elvis voice.
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                at this price, it's not a lot of "Doe"... more bang for your "Buck" (I need help)


                  Oddly enough, I love this idea. Has anyone seen other talking figures with an audio input.

                  I remember my sister had a Cricket doll growing up that could take any tape and lipsync it. After the standard tapes, you can only imagine the fun a brother can have playing tricks on his sister with his own records.

                  I just think it would be fun to have an animated butler in the study announcing for HS.


                    It would be cool if they would create a whole line of animals and characters. I wouldnt mind having a talking santa for xmas. Perhaps some gouls and goblins for holloween. Maybe talking fruits for the kitchen. How about a talking roll of toilet paper or soap dispenser for the bathroom. Maybe you could build a PeeWee fun house with all kinds of talking animated things.

                    I think its a awesome idea!


                      Didn't someone post about a talking stuffed animal (maybe a bear) within the last year or so? Seems like it was USB, inexpensive and was marketed as a "kid friendly" hookup to Outlook?

                      I didn't search for it, but I think there is a post somewhere...


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                        That's way too funny. I did the same thing with a Douglas Fir Christmas tree and I laughed myself silly every time it would talk. I finally settled on one of those Luminglass plates. Nice lightning when it talks, but I'm now wondering what a deer head will do to the WAF...

                        By the way for Halloween you can get the Talking Boris skull. Hard to find but really cool.


                          Luminglass Plates?

                          How did you do that?

                          Steve C.


                            I wish it was really some hi-tech modification but I just set the sensitivity way down and have the HS speakers right behind.

                            I was considering replacing the mic with an 1/8" jack. Maybe in the future....


                              the e-puppy.. I duped myself into ordering three about a year ago, the puppy has no animatronics, It lights up when you get an email and speaks the subject and sender with the microsoft mary voice.. definately no teddy ruxpin.