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Lawn Sprinkler Control from Afar

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    Lawn Sprinkler Control from Afar

    I have automated my lighting systems and my pool pump operation at my home using HomeSeer and my X-10 modules and can control the operation over the internet while traveling. My next project to to do the same with my lawn irrigation system. Although I have fully automated my sprinkler system using standard irrigation timers and valves it doesn't lend itself to remote operation via HomeSeer. So far I have not found products that can do that without getting into some level of programing like that offered by Smarthome using the X10 TW523 two way interface with a 2310 X10 FOUR RELAY CONTROLLER. The disclaimer for the 523 Interface implies that significant micro programing expertise might be required to make this work.

    Since I have up to twelve 24V valves on the back of my house and four on the front it would require 3 of the 8 valve Smarthome systems to accomodate all combinations of locations and valves. This would get very expensive

    What I would like is a self contained unit that combines the X-10 command sensitity witht the control relays switching that I can locate close to the valves and yet be able to obtain commands from HomeSeer directly. And as long as I'm dreaming how about a modular expandable system that can expand in groups of four relays.

    Any thoughts or experience on this subject would be most appreciated.

    You don't need any programming (for the relay unit; maybe some scripting in HomeSeer?) The relay unit takes care of that.

    Presumably you would wire each of your 16 valves to a relay on the units (2 x model 2315). Then send X10 commands to turn the relays on and off singly or in combinations.

    Expansion would be taken care of by extra modules.

    You may want to check out the Rain8 controller and the plugin that goes with it...

    I haven't done any work in this area, since I don't have sprinklers. I've just been following the discussion.


      You definately want to look into the new Rain8 X10 unit. It now has 2 way capability which lets the PC know if a zone was acted upon. There's also a wireless Rain8 as well as a serial rain8.
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        I agree with Rupp. Rain8 is the way to go. It may be a little pricey, but the nice compact relays, and easy programming are a huge plus. Be sure to account for a Primary Valve when counting valves, if your system has one.


          Thanks to all who responded to my message. It sounds like Rain8 is the way to go and my concern about programming the unit was unfounded. I need to do a little planning on how to minimize the number of modules needed by possibly changing the wiring to my valve clusters.