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Automate carbon monoxide detector?

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    Automate carbon monoxide detector?

    Hey all,

    A friend of mine recently had a carbon monoxide episode at her house, and reminded me that I don't have any installed. I was going to pick up a few this weekend, and of course I want it to talk to HS.

    I did a search and found one article about interfacing one, but it was a pretty hairy electronics project, (NP transistor, 555 timer, blah blah blah, huh?) and I'm hoping there's an easier way.

    I just happened to order some DS10A's the other day. Can I wire one of these in somehow?


    Steve C.

    You could simply wire a powerflash module to the speaker or buzzer and if it ever activates it would send a signal to HS.
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      With the Carbon Monoxide detectors, I would be very careful in hacking the unit in order to wire it into anything. There are more expensive units on the market that have relay contacts in order to wire directly into an alarm system for instance, or a ds10a. The fear is that if you alter the unit, and it fails activate the piezo, the unit will not be able to warn you about the impending issue of too much Carbon Monoxide in the area.
      As with modifying any life safety device, be cautious.