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    Can anyone recommend a reliable wireless keyboard.
    I'm on my second one and it works only 50% of the time. The first one was a logitech multimedia one, which worked fine until I changed the batteries and then it worked for about a month, then very intermittently after that. The second one is of unknown make but has a built in track ball. This worked fine under Windows 98 but on XP Pro it lasted about 2 hours, and yes the batteries where brand new.
    I've also tried to reposition the antenna box but still no luck. Both keyboards where plugged in to USB ports and the Logitech was also tried in the Keyboard and mouse sockets as well with the same results. All drivers where the latest available.
    Any ideas or recommendations on a more reliable wireless keyboard.
    Thanks in advance.

    You could search for tons of answers to wireless keyboards.

    I have a Gyration 30 footer that is just OK. Highly dependent on where the antenna is relative to the keyboard (aim, not just distance...) Too bad, because it's a nice minikeyboard tactilly.

    I had a Gyration "MediaCenter Edition" wireless remote / mouse that didn't work with Media Center 2005 (go figure...). Gyration support (since purchased by Thompson) was totally clueless.

    I have a cheap Logitech and it seems to work fine, but I am using it only inches from receiver. Not a valid test.

    Bluetooth ones seem to get a bad rap, especially Microsofts.

    I might suggest trying the keyboard.


      I have a Microsoft Wireless keyboard and mouse USB version and I seem to have great luck with the mice, distance goes about 10 feet but the keyboard only seems to work if it is held, the 2 feet if you are lucky. I read that the Microsoft set had great feed back but after the experence they get a thumbs down.



        My Microsoft v1.0 branded made-in-China wireless keyboard/mouse works OK - if I keep the receiver unit 1-2 ft from keyboard. Battery in mouse lasts 2 months or so.

        Some of these are 2.4GHz and vulnerable to jamming if there's a WiFi access point or client very nearby. Or vulnerable to the extent that you have to push the buttons to get it to change channels.

        I would not buy a Microsoft branded keyboard again. The stupid FLOCK button has to be pushed at every power-up so that the Func Keys work as intended; they default to dumb applications triggers.

        The mouse is too heavy for my preferences due to use of two AA batteries instead of smaller ones.

        Maybe a newer Microsoft keyboard would be better. But once burned - blah blah.

        At work I have a Logitec wireless keyboard/mouse. Rechargable battery in mouse with docking cradle. Much better design.

        bottom line: Use a corded keyboard. No need for it being wireless.


          I use one of the Gyration keyboard and mouse units. It is RF and works at about 40 feet realiably. I did have to work with antenna placement.

          Also, I seemed to have 2 flaky units - but had no problem returning them to Best Buy. I also found the Gyration help desk very helpful and they even sent out a replacement unit to try. The one I have now has worked almost flawlessly for about 3-4 months. I couldn't find another manufacturer that provided one that handled the distance I needed.
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            I LOVE this one.


            I got mine at newegg, but they don't seem to be have it any more. I love the small size, range and price!

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            Lite-on Silitek #7551, IR wireless keyboard, black color.PS2 ports.


              That's an IR unit. I have one.

              An advantage of RF wireless keyboard/mouse is that the receiver doesn't have to have optical line of sight. This is important of those of us with a horribly messy desk.