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XP sends error reports

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    XP sends error reports

    I recently upgraded from an old Celeron to a new AMD based system complete with XP. The old system was up for a long time with no issues. I reloaded Homeseer from CD and applied updates to 1.7.43. I transfered my old config and script files to the new machine. The only difference I know of is that I had to change to a 1132U since not enough comm ports. I can launch HS but hours later it craps out. The error report screen for Microsoft comes up. I did observe the machine's HD light keeps coming on every couple seconds(caching?) while HS is active. Not sure where to go from here. What happens to the error reports anyway? Any suggestions?
    Here is ah.log before the last crash:
    14/06/2005 12:01:00 AM~!~Event Trigger~!~Time Trigger (Reset Garage Faults)
    14/06/2005 12:01:01 AM~!~Speak~!~Reset Garage Door Faullts
    14/06/2005 1:45:00 AM~!~Event Trigger~!~Time Trigger (Sprinkler - global check again)
    14/06/2005 1:45:01 AM~!~Check: ~!~Lawn Permitted
    14/06/2005 1:45:01 AM~!~Check conditions ~!~State: Even, Not raining, Permitted
    14/06/2005 1:45:01 AM~!~Speak~!~Watering is, Permitted
    14/06/2005 1:50:00 AM~!~Event Trigger~!~Time Trigger (Check_Rain)
    14/06/2005 1:50:01 AM~!~Speak~!~Not Raining
    14/06/2005 1:50:01 AM~!~Rain Status: ~!~Dry
    14/06/2005 7:00:00 AM~!~Speak~!~Sprinkler Safety Command

    What does the error report say? That might be a clue. I've been running HS on XP for years with no trouble (as have others), so it's not an inherent XP problem... have you gone to the windows update site and made sure XP and all the other MS stuff is up to date? Have you looked in the XP event logs? There might be a clue there.

    XP seems to plink away at the hard drive whenever it feels like it. I found the solution is just to ignore the HDD light and assume XP knows what it's doing...

    As far as sending the error info to MS is concerned, I presume that they analyze every report and contact the software vendor and inform them of problems found... (yah right). At any rate, whenever I have to kill a task, I make sure to send the error report. At least MS may get tired of getting bombarded with dumps from ill-behaved software and yell at the vendor.


      XP out of the box installation is a pain. IMO !!

      There are around 20, yes 20 services running on your xp box that have no use to you, each eating away at your cpu, cache,memory.

      You may wish to google for XP tweaks and spend some time going through them to find which you do not need.

      On all my pc`s here when I have t reinstall I always go through the same 20 mins on each setting loads to manual start, and a few other bits, one of XP`s worse features is reboot on thats a pain. Turn that one off first

      Of course, thats my opinion.. what do I know.



        XP error found script

        I found that XP will shutdown Homeseer if the following script launches:

        sub main()
        hs.DisableEvent "Sprinkler - Long Cycle"
        hs.DisableEvent "Sprinkler - Short Cycle"
        hs.SetDeviceStatus "s8", 3 'reset rain buffer
        end sub

        It still baffles me since this script worked fine with Win98.


          See your other post.
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