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How can a Homeseer event trigger play an MP3?

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    How can a Homeseer event trigger play an MP3?

    I've been running Homeseer for a couple of years now so I have a general understanding but feel pretty dumb when It comes to plug-ins. I want to be able to have a particular mp3 play by a triggered event, whether it be an X10 command or at a certain time and day. I did some research in the forum but found pretty old threads. What's the best / easiest way to achieve this?
    Thanks in advance.

    I know the WMP and mcsMusic plugins support this. If this is all you want the plugin to do, then you will probably be better off by not using a plugin and launch your music player via a basic HS event.

    In the App tab of the event enter the full path name to the MP3 file. When the event is triggered the player associated with .mp3 will be started and the song played.

    What a plugin will give you is the Homeseer web interface to control the player to stop, pause, etc. Other web-control options are also available outside of Homeseer.