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PowerLinc Performance Issues

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    PowerLinc Performance Issues

    I recently moved my Homeseer from an one PC to a spare Thinkpad 600 and changed the interface to the PowerLinc USB. I am having ongoing problems with getting devices to respond to commands now. I have a signal phase bridge (one of the plug in units on a 230V outlet) and a signal booster at the "other end" of the house (physically, not necessarily electrically.) I can't say precisely but I'd guesstimate that devices do not respond to on or off about 25% of the time, and I have some that never respond to commands. Yet these same devices respond every time to manual controllers spread around the house.

    Any guidance available? It seems like the PowerLinc X-10 signal output is either "different" than other controllers or there is not as much signal strenth.

    One thing I would look at:

    Since you moved your HS to a laptop, frequently laptop power supplies introduce noise into the system. Try moving the computer interface farther away from the power outlet that the laptop is plugged into.
    Martin Custer