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    Server Startup

    Hi ive been given a dell poweredge 2400 server,and been told it is in good working order but with no software.Im wondering what i should expect on startup with no os cd.It powers on with hd active power and standby leds all on,scsi hd lights o.k and no fault lights,however the monitor is blank and not much else happens.i figured i should atleast get a bios screen or something. can anyone help?
    thanks Niko

    Hi Nickclift,

    Does it give any POST beeps, I.e. Power On Self Test beeps.?
    If it does How many beeps does it chirp? Thats the only place to start with
    black system with no video.
    I'm curently trying to install on a dell now. GX-260 (P4)

    Is the video built in to the MOBO?




      Yes... it should display Bios screen just like any other PC.

      If you get beep codes as 22v10 suggests, look them up on Dell's website to understand what they mean.

      ANother suggestion is to remove everything from the system (disk drives, option cards, etc.) so you have a bare system with MB, Powersupply & memory. The main video is built into the system board on a 2400, make certain there isn't a secondary video card installed... if so, try plugging in your monitor to it.

      Failing all else, I would look at the memory first... these servers are picky about the RAM type. If you're not using what came with it, this may be the problem too.


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        Thanks for the help. There are no post beebs when the server is started. Video is onboard ,i also tried a working pci video card still blank screen. It has 256mb (ecc pc133) ram that came with it.Two pci network cards and a pci scsi controller are installed.If no one has any other suggestions ill try uninstalling the pci cards and scsi drives. thanks again Niko.


          Broken Server

          Ive tryed all the suggestions given to me above .still no post beebs nothing on the monitor.Is there anything else i can do or is this thing not in good working order after all ? Thanks Niko


            Does it have a speaker hooked up to the motherboard? Maybe it's trying to beep.

            Also, if you have removed everything else, try removing the memory. If it doesn't beep with no memory, the processor isn't running. Maybe there is no bios?


              Server Broken

              Thanks Rocco searched case every where no speaker ,started to feel a little stupid until i would a tiny speaker onboard.Sounds like its a bios problem.No idea what to do now thanks everyone for the help.Sounds like i wont have much time for this anyway with HS2 beta just around the corner, Niko


                Take out all the ram and try as well. Even with no ram installed you should get an error beep code.

                If that doesn't work, you're only hope is to start reseting the bios to see if that helps.
                Have a look at:
                And follow the procedure to clear the ISA bios (ISA_CLR)
                Then try clearing the password incase that has been coruptted.

                If all that fails, it's not looking good.

                All the manuals for this system are here:



                  How about Fans?
                  Any sound comming from the power supply?
                  A bad RAM stick(simm) could be a problem also.

                  Any jumpers on the MOBO? MAybe remove the cmos clear jumper and try again.




                    Thanks for all the help everyone have tryed all your suggestions with no luck.The mate who gave it to me rang up the mate he got it off.He has 2 more and is going to fix it for me so i can atleast install an os and have a play.Niko