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Adding new RS-232 Devices

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    Adding new RS-232 Devices

    I am just about finished with my first script for a A/V receiver and would like to tie it into a custom hs device. Since the receiver is controlled by RS-232 I can't find a device type to use...the closest is the I/R device type, but it wants me to select I/R commands. I think all I need is a device to store various values like volume, input, power, etc.

    Could someone also explain how this is typically done. I am using ML as my GUI and the way I understand all of this to work is that ML will change the status on one of device's parameters. Then HS will generate a change event and my script will update the hardware...does this sound right? Thanks!

    You would create your own device type for your Receiver serial script. There isn't a default one that is tailered for that specific need.

    The hard part would be creating the script that would work with your hardware - you have gotten that far already? You are way over the hump then.

    Your script would have to update Homeseer's device values on the status of the Receiver's states. Then, you would subscribe to that HS device within MLHSPlugin and then MainLobby would then be able to view the state.

    Dependent on how you developed your script, you would also be able to send from MainLobby script events so MainLobby would then be able to control your Receiver and then see the state that your receiver is in (volume / source selected / output channels selected, etc). See Krumpy's latest posts for examples of how he had done this with the MediaPlayer plugin and scripts he just developed as examples.