Hi everyone, I'm trying to write some scripts tonight and am having a slight problem that I just can't figure out. I've got a USB-UIRT for all of my IR needs. I've also got a Motorola DVR Digital Cable box.
I have previously written a couple scripts that are IR triggered when you press a button on the Motorola remote. Normally, you push the button, the light on the UIRT flashes to show that it got it, HS gets the signal, if it matches a trigger the event runs. I've got two scripts setup that work like that and they work fine (one turns on all the equipment and sets it to the correct inputs and the other sends out all the needed IR commands to send the signal to the bedroom and then turn it all off after I fall asleep). I tried writing some other scripts tonight that are triggered off of the same remote that will dim the lights when you pause a movie and bring them back down when you hit play.
The problem is that HS doesn't do anything when when you hit those two buttons. The UIRT flashes to show that it got the code but nothing shows up in the HS log at all. I know those two codes are good because HS can send them out and the equipment will play or pause depending on what signal is sent out but for some reason I just can't trigger any events based on it at all.
Can anyone think of the reason why this won't work right?