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Unable to log into help desk

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    Unable to log into help desk

    For the past few weeks I have been trying to log into the help desk. I used my original password to sign in and it wont continue. It just brought me back to the login screen. I have sent multiple times a request for a new password reset. After getting the new password and trying to relog in, it still does not work and just brings me back to the log in. Any suggestions with out creating a new user?


    HS 1.7.7
    HSP 2.0.181
    Pent4 3.0
    512 ddr
    HS modem
    weather display

    It may be attempting to popup a window. Do you have a popup blocker running by any chance?


      Rupp: Thanks for the quick response. Yes I do have a popup blocker on. It is in Firefox. I disabled the blocker and tried to log in agian, but still no help it goes back to saying I must be logged in to use. Tried the latest password HS sent me but it did not work. Do you think the problem could be with firefox? I will try IE and see if does it there.. Dave...


        It sounds like a problem with cookies. If possible, try deleting all your cookies and see if that helps.

        If you still can't log in, just email me your problem and I'll help you directly. (

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          Rich, Rupp: Thanks for the quick responses. I went ahead and cleared the cookies like Rich suggested and bingo it worked. Thanks for the tip Rich..