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    Small Apartment

    Hello everyone, this is my first post at this amazing BB. I’ve been reading all sort of interesting posts! For the past couple of weeks.

    So let’s get back on topic, I have a small one bedroom apartment and I wanna go ahead and automate it…..

    In the first place I was thinking of Z-wave but I think it’s too expensive for a small apt….. So I thought X-10 will be perfect for my situation, I also have access to the electric junction box…..
    - Will the X10 work fine in my situation “small Apt”?
    - Is the X10 CM11A a good choice with HomeSeer in my situation?
    - I was also interested in switching the TV and Cable On from HomeSeer What module
    should I use?
    - Thinking of X10 control, I need a universal remote with RF? If so what do
    you recommend?
    - As for the modules I was looking into the two way, to get a status. What do you
    recommend for a reasonable price?

    I’ve been into home automation for a while but didn’t follow up for a year or so. With all the new systems that came out I decided to keep up!
    It all started when I was researching to find a good lighting control for my family back home. From what I read and understood the X10 has issues sometimes…. Not switching on or not getting the right status….. So I think Z-wave is the perfect solution for my family…… “very reliable”……. The only problem is that there isn’t a lot of modules like X-10 and what makes it worse is that I need the UK sockets, For my family. How Reliable is HomeSeer any crashes? Cause I will setup the thing at December and leave so no one will be taking care of it….. any advice?? I will also add a Caddx fastpack as an alarm system….
    So any advice ?

    Thank You,

    Brnbug, Welcome aboard!

    I will answer a few of your questions, and hope someone else chimes in and tackles a few more.

    As far as X10 -vs-Zwave, Zwave wins hands down. As you mentioned though, threre aren't a lot of Zwave module types as of yet. This is no problem with HS as you can mix and match X10 and Zwave with HomeSeer. For about what you would pay for an x10 module with staus support, got the extra couple dollars and get the Zwave module.

    As far as HS crashing, I can honestly say I have had XP crash MANY times over the past few years, and I can not remember one time that HS has crashed on me. It has been very stable concidering that it runs constantly.

    As far as the remote, go to and look for one of the starter kits. It will come with the remote control, and the CM11a. The current offer is Right Here. The offers change all the time, and you can usually get different free items with anything that you order.
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      Hi Brnbug,
      I'm not in a much bigger place than you are and it sounds like you're as strapped for cash as I am. Here are some of the things that I'm using in my two bedroom apartment.
      X10 works fine here. I don't have two way comunications so the status of my devices aren't always quite right but close enough for me.
      I'd suggest staying away from the CM11A. Go with a Smarthome Powerlinc USB. The response time is a little quicker and you can pick one up on eBay for around $30. I've got one and love it.
      For controlling the TV and cable I've got a USB-UIRT. Its got two way IR control (can send IR commands to your TV and you can trigger events with IR commands) and if you do a few registry hacks can even have 3 zones for output so you can control the TV in your bedroom.
      As for universal remote with RF capabilities, buy any remote that you like and can afford and buy one of these. You stick one on the end of your remote and the other somewhere across from your AV gear. Works perfectly and I got one on eBay for around $20.
      Homeseer is rediculously reliable. If it ever crashes on me its because I did something stupid to make it happen.
      Hope this helps Ali and if you have any more questions feel free to post them here. This board is a great resource for people who are interested in making their home (no matter how large or small) a better place to live.


        ThanX John and Fireball for the advice. You guyz will notice my posts will refer to my apartment “Currently in now” and to the house back home (Bahrain –“UK spec plugs & Frequency”)
        Okay for my apartment I am thinking of the PowerLinc, and some two way Modules……
        Will those work fine? I will also need 1 dimmer 2 way wall switch that work well with the PowerLinc…Any recommendations?

        John I know that Z-wave is the better choice, but I have to get a primary remote, and USB controller to make it work with HS….. “I will definitely leave the Z-wave system for the house back home”
        Cash wise for my apt is not really a problem, I just personally think it not worth spending a lot on my apt…..But If there is something worth it or might like please let me know….
        I want to get the PowerLinc but I gotta be sure I won’t face problems….. Regarding the stability of HS I am pretty convinced right now after reading a whole post bout that!

        >Fireball I’ve seen USB-UIRT a lot but forgot about it, thanks for the refer, was looking into it when building a HTPC….. But was out of stock for a while. I also have couple of questions about USB-UIRT…. How do you configure the commands if you want it to turn on the TV from HS webpage… or my phone or what ever, it complex?



          <span class="ev_code_BLUE">brnbug,</span>

          I don't hold the same high regard for the current implementation of Z-Wave that many others do. I'm not fond of X10 (the company) either. Here are some links to
          One way lamp switch
          Two Way Dimmer
          One and Two way plugin dimmers

          There's more to choose from. Just browse around
          You may have some problems if some devices don't respond he way you expect, so you might need to bridge the phases. The Booster Link will probably help.

          Personally, I've had much better results from these products (but I use a better phase coupler) than with Z-Wave.

          Don't forget toinclude an interface from your computer to the power line HomeSeer and Automated Outlet both sell them. You should also consider a 16 button keypad. If you place most of your devices on the same house code then this should be a good choice. Also, you may want to look into the MR26 rf device and remote controls.
          Good Luck and welcome aboard.


            You might want to wait two more months untill Icom technology announces their prices at year end. They sell the UK spec Z-wave stuff and already have a sales office in Dubai.

            I have no idea what their prices will be, though...



              ALrighty thanx everyone !

              GenevaDude, thanx for the links, I'll take a look at them today… and read the specs carefuly.

              Richard, Thanks for the link… I saw that few weeks ago, I liked it so much, but heard that they won't be ready for a while... ohh didn't know they are z-wave modules, thats cool... do you have the number in Dubai? so I can check on it?

              Its nice to someone who knew where Bahrain is, that's so rare! Someone knows his geography…

              I personally plannned to order everything for my family from here… Then take all the stuff with me in December, If the prices are better in Dubai I would go for that! that would be easier for me. Ohhh and do you guyz think the GE Caddex wireless security system would work fine back home?


                Its not complex at all to use the UIRT from the HS webpage. I forget exactly how I set it all up but in a nutshell plug it in, get Windows to recognize it, install the HS plugin that you can get if you email the guy who sells them for free, and get one of the items from the HS updater, teach the IR commands to HS, and then you can send out IR commands just as easily as you can X10 commands. I've got a page where all the learned commands are listed. All you do is click on one of them and HS sends the signal out. If you want to send a command out by using voice control just create an event that's triggered by what you say and put the IR commands in that event.
                Hope I helped!


                  Fireball okay doesn't seem comlicated at all! Nice I Think I will go ahead and order some stuff....


                    OkaY I just ordered couple of stuff, here’s the list:
                    4 3-prong LampLinc 2-Way Lamp Modules W/Scenes
                    1 2-prong LampLinc 2-Way Lamp Modules W/Scenes
                    1 PowerLinc USB
                    1 PC Reciver MR26A
                    1 Credit Car Controller

                    I am also ordering the USB-UIRT as I am typing the post…..

                    So I just wanted to thank all of you guyz who helped me out! I really appreciate it!
                    When everything arrives I will update you!




                      You asked for the adress. Well, take a look at Icom on or directly on

                      The adress on the site is
                      DESERT RIVER
                      407 Atrium Centre
                      Bank Street
                      P.O. Box 74054
                      United Arab Emirates
                      Showroom: "Intelligent Homes"
                      Mazaya Shopping Centre
                      Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

                      Tel +971-50-658 1641
                      Fax +971-4-344 8789

                      Managing Director: Michiel J. Schröeder

                      Please be reminded that this is the distributor for the middle east & afrika for the klikOnKlikOff products. This does NOT imply they will also be distributing the Z-wave stuff under the Icom brand.

                      Nice to know my geografy? Well, I am not an american.....



                        LoL hehehehe,
                        Thank You Richard!
                        I will try calling them soon, I will also update u as soon as I call them......


                          HeY guys every thing is in! Except the USB-UIRT… How Much fun will this get to! Everything is installed on a MINI-ITX M1000 with 120gb HD doubled As a home server equipped with windows 2003 there was no problem with installing the PowerLinc USB and modules! It’s working perfectly, TVRoom modules and the bedroom. I also tried the websever with FireFox Very fast and the best off all, the dimming and NO “CLUNK” LoL…

                          When The USB-UIRT comes in I will configure it to switch on my Moded Xbox and even trigger it to run specific games or XBMC.
                          Okay about the USB-UIRT… How will it work… I mean do I have it point it to the TV or should be in the TV direction? In some particular directions it could receive but not set. If so do I have to buy extra emitters?

                          Right now I am behind an IPCOP firewall I created a NO-IP Dynamic routing. The question is how safe is that? Its my homeserver with some personal stuff. I had port 80 open… Will that reduce security….. If so what’s a good alternative? I have a Domain name with IPOWER web could that be an alternative?
                          ThanX ,


                            Hi ALi,
                            You position the USB-UIRT the same way you would a regular remote control. Basically, act like its a remote that you're holding and whatever you can do with that you can do with the UIRT in regards of placement and how it works.