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Change Status from ON/Off to Closed/Open

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    Change Status from ON/Off to Closed/Open

    Im sure this has been asked before but after seaching for some time I cannot seem to find the answer....any help would be appriciated.

    I have a magnetic sensor on my garage door hooked up to a powerflash unit. When the door is open the power flash sends out a G6 ON and when the door is closed the powerflash unit sends out a G6 OFF.

    I have attempted to create a virtual device using a "status only type" at address G 30.

    I have also created two events to change its status.
    Event 1 is supposed to be executed by x10 command G6 ON and will set
    Set display text to: CLOSED for device G30

    Event 2 is supposed to be executed by x10 command G6 OFF and will set
    Set display text to: OPEN for device G30

    When I execute each command manually the text under the status window will change from open to close. However when opening the garage door, sending the command from a wireless keypad or using homeseer to send the command it will not execute the event.

    Am I missing something here do I need to have a script that is associated with these events?

    Thanks again for all your help.


    Commands that are issued from HS will not trigger evetns within HS by design. Now my question is when the door is opened/closed is the X10 signal being registered in the HS log. If it is it should be updating the virtual device.
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      Two suggestions for you

      Many options are available as a trigger for an event. In your case you will want the on receipt of X10 as the trigger rather than something like status change.

      There is a free plugin in the updater called mcsMovement. One of the things it will do is allow you to identify the name that you want displayed when a device status is ON or OFF. It also lets you put an icon such as a open and closed door so you have a visual as well as textual reference. With this plugin you will not need the events and will not need G30 since G6 will show thte Open and Closed as you desire.