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  • MSN Messenger Plugin

    I've been interested in this a while, and with the new v2 plugins, I'm ready to tackle an MSN messenger plugin. Please reply with any thoughts on functionality.. I'm thinking 2 major functions:

    * Triggers based on MSN events
    Friend online
    Incoming message

    * HS Control via specifically formatted commands
    "HS:Front Porch Light, On, 8:30 PM"

    So, on to the poll:

    Would you be interested in this as a level 2 plugin?
    Yes, $15 sounds like a fair deal.
    I would definitely be interested, but only if it were free.
    No, I probably wouldn't use it anyway.

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    Steve, could you elaborate a little on what this plug-in would do? I don't understand what it would allow me to do. (Maybe it's because I don't use MSN Messenger so I don't know what that does.)



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      One thing I would find very useful is the ability for HS to send IM messages. I have used Ultra Jones's script, hard coded with an IM message to give me real time alerts when triggers happen within Homeseer

      I log on at work and would like HS to have the ability to IM me when certain conditions are met.



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        Ultrajones is already working in a plug-in version of his UltraMessenger. Read it here.


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          Carlos - I couldn't find any more information from UJ's posts about his plugin. I know it will send messages, but I don't know what other features he's shooting for.

          DC - MSN Messenger is an Instant Messenger client. Basically, the idea would be to have HS listen to inbound chat messages to see if any are for it (control commands), and to have events in HS be able to trigger off of "incoming chat request" or "buddy online".


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            I've done something very similar here but I'm using Jabber. I created a Jabber account just for HomeSeer and it logs itself in upon startup. Then when I'm at work I log on with my normal Jabber account and have the ability to get the status of devices, trigger events, etc, by sending formated messages to the HomeSeer user.



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              If you, UJ and myself (and maybe others) are doing similar work, does it make sense to publish a protocol for IM communication?


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                As a dedicated HS user, I would love to be able to use IM for status and control. I haven't been convinced to use HotMail, however, and would like to see Excite, Yahoo, or ICQ supported.

                I think UJ's plug-in approach is great. It would greatly simply integration for users.

                Thanks to all for your interest in developing this useful feature.

                HomeSeer Environment:
                Pentium III 733mhz
                384mb PC133 SDRAM
                HS 1.6, W2K SP3
                MR26A, TI103
                X10 Pro PDT20 thermostat


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                  You don't have to use HotMail to use MSN Messenger. Just create a Passport account linked to your existing e-mail address using



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                    Features I have currently implemented:

                    Actions:<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Send Message
                    <LI>Sign In
                    <LI>Sign Out[/list]

                    Send message allows you to choose the contact to send a message to from a drop down of your contacts or allows you to type in a user.

                    Triggers:<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Incoming Conversation
                    <LI>Text Received
                    <LI>Contact Online
                    <LI>Contact Offline
                    <LI>On Sign In
                    <LI>On Sign Off[/list]

                    All of the triggers (with the exception of "On Sign In/Off") allow you to choose a user from your contact list, type in a user name, or apply it to "Any User".

                    Features I intend to build into the plugin:

                    Actions:<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Status change (set to "Away", "Busy", etc.)
                    <LI>Send File[/list]

                    Triggers:<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>New Email Notification
                    <LI>Incoming File[/list]

                    Functions:<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Device status request
                    <LI>Device control
                    <LI>Execute system commands[/list]

                    Functions will support an option to require authentication using web user/password.

                    Devices:<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Connection Status
                    <LI>Last Message Received
                    <LI>Last Message Received From[/list]

                    Please let me know if you can think of any other features I should be considering!


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                      One thing I would be interested in. MSN messenger like most allows you to send video. What if a motion detector triggered an event that would take a still picture, or even video, and initiated an instant message. Not sure how the permissions work, (you normally have to allow someone to send) but this would be very interesting. Great remote security method. And for those who like cams for security, it might just be a way to have a cam, but not have to watch it all day.


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                        I'm working on the file sending ability, which could probably be used in a script triggered off motion detected that knew what image file to pick up and send, but I'm a little less confident in the streaming video part of it.

                        I'll see what I can figure out, but one issue I see is being able to choose a driver to stream from if you have multiple cams.


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                          Does your plug-in require that MSN Messenger be installed on that machine or do you communicate directly with the service?

                          // AJ

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                            It requires Messenger to be installed. By direct communication, I assume you mean handling the protocol through TCP/IP sockets? Or is there another option I'm not aware of?


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                              I think there are two API's available. One is the ability to make an add-in for the Messenger client. The other is the API for communication with servers. So, basically you could have HomeSeer emulate a MSN Messenger client rather than have it go through the client software.

                              I think there is a couple of links available @

                              // AJ

                              My Links: Website | HomeSeer Status | System Description