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New motivation to finish DVR/cameras

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    We have had trouble near our rental townhome like this. Kids have been putting hoses through open basement windows during the day and turning them on. They hit 5 in one day. Not ours.....Ours they chose to rob while we were sleeping. The new home has cams and an Elk system, along with getting our dog back.


      Greg, sorry to hear about the problems you are having. What a PIA. We had a break-in about 10 years ago where the guys trashed anything glass with my 5-iron and cut open a waterbed that took out 3 floors below. Insurance was great - and my premiums didn't take a hit since it was no-fault.

      In addition to a security system, I have cameras that are motion activated, where I accomplish the following:

      If the HS security flag is ON, then upon receiving motion, HS switches to appropriate camera and position
      - turns on lights
      - captures 10 snapshots
      - zips and emails pictures to me
      - my remote email detects the "subject" of the email and alerts me using a siren wave file

      I haven't captured anyone doing anything "bad", but it's fun catching snoopers and neighbors walking around.

      Regarding cameras, I just use the x10 cameras and if it's daytime, I can identify the people probably 80% of the time. At night - nothing except shadows....but I have a friend who bought an infrared camera from Martin at Automated Outlet for about $150 that is really good. That's not likely too prohibitive.


        so is the tactic to make the cameras very visible, put warning stickers on windows, etc, to encourage the vandals to go elsewhere? Else a post-event photo is no cure.