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    Just for snicks I tried a short VB program because I needed this for a program I did a while back. I could not get my alternate method posted above to work (yet) but I did get the original to work just fine. The code has to be in the first form loaded or in your Main. If the Window of the program running is minimized it does not maximize the window but it did highlight the task bar entry. I shall see if I can find some code to maximize the running window. This was tested under Windows XP using VB6.



      I have no idea what the root cause of the problem is since a power failure tends to abruptly end everything.

      However, HomeSeer INI settings are saved right when you change them, so if you configured HomeSeer to start in the system tray or to not start in the system tray, that would be unaffected by the loss of power.

      I don't understand how it can be lost after a powerfailure anyway - is a UPS doing some sort of standby or hibernate operation?

      What is the root cause of this "going away" in the first place - have we established that?

      Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


        FYI. the App.PrevInstance does not work for .Net but there is an alternate.. Might be why it did not work for Rich....


          I have a similar problem that when I start my computer, Homeseer cannot always be found. I do not have it starting in the system tray, I have tried starting it both maximized and minimized.

          I am running it on Windows Server 2003 which has not crashed on me, and Homeseer.exe can always be found in Task Manager if it is not in the system tray. I've always been able to shut it down from task manager and restart it if I need to access it, but I always wondered why it isn't always shown.


            How are you starting HS?
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              FYI: Rich, Found out how to call a VB running app to the front :

              Works great for VB6....



                I have Homeseer in my startup folder and have it starting normally, without the option to start it in system tray.


                  <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Rick Tinker (HomeSeer Tech):
                  Yes, I would like to know what we are being asked to do.

                  FYI... If you change HomeSeer's configuration to not start in the system tray, then it will appear when you run it. There is an option under general settings, but if you cannot get to that, then edit settings.ini in the config folder, look for this line:

                  And if it is set to 1, then set it to zero as is shown above. Then restart HS and it will not start up in the system tray. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

                  Have found not having HS start up in the system tray solves the problem.
                  Although it makes my server desktop a little untidy :-)
                  Thanks everyone for your help