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    Device logging

    I just added a new device to my system. It is a virtual device. Its house code is "x" and its unit code is "26" I have 25 other virtual devices built into the system with house code "x" and unit codes 1-25. All of these devices are marked in the device description for no logging, i.e. no logging is checked.

    No matter what I seem to do the device is logged whenever it changes state!! The log message looks like:

    8/1/2005 6:38:03 PM~!~Info~!~Exec command: Variables AudioState Off dim: 0 extra: 0


    8/1/2005 6:37:54 PM~!~Info~!~Exec command: Variables AudioState On dim: 0 extra: 0

    All I do to the device is turn it on and off and change the device string.

    I use these 26 devices as variables to hold various status indications and values.

    Any one have any ideas what is causing the log message.
    Last edited by Barry Gordon; August 2, 2005, 06:29 PM.

    I can't believe that nobody out there has any ideas as to why this is happening


      Barry how are you changing the device? Via a script?
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        I just found it. I was using the hs.setdevicestatus command but giving it the device name instead of the house and unit codes. It properly set the correct device with the new state, but always logged the message. Very strange, I thought it wiould have errored off with a call argument error.