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homeseer as a scheduled task

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    homeseer as a scheduled task

    I am trying to start homeSeer 1.7 as a scheduled task under WinXP with no success.

    I create a scheduled task from the control panel:
    Run "C:\Program Files\HomeSeer\HomeSeer.exe"
    Starting In "C:\Program Files\HomeSeer\"
    Run as "Rich\Rich"
    Schedule: At system startup

    Unfortunately, upon a reboot of the box... Homeseer does not start up.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Rich

    Why not simply put it in your start up folder?
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      I do as Rupp says, with auto-login (one user unattended PC). That PC restarts itself and launches all my programs if there's a power failure that zaps the UPS, or if I force a reboot.


        I have two logins on the XP box. Kids and mine.

        I believe if I put the homeseer shortcut in the startup folder (of one or more of the two users)... then it will only start up if one of the two users logs in.

        I would like homeseer to start up at system startup (regardless of who logs in... or if nobody logs in after a reboot).

        Thanks, rich


          I doubt that HS can run as a service independent of login.
          You can, of course, have it in every user's startup folder. But it was really not intended to shut down each time a user logs out. Will work fine, but it is often used on a 24x7 PC.


            My HS operation on a dedicated server is the same as Rupp's and SteveCH's. Very reliable with no problems. The system has "Autorestart after power failure", but is on a UPS that will hold it and all interface devices for about an hour. The house has a standby generator that cuts in if the power is out for about 1 minute. Homeseer is never off unless I turn it off.