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    Send message to networked computer

    This is the setup:
    HS computer is in my office in a detached building behind my house.
    Computer in the house controls audio throughout the main house. (plays mp3s from file server)
    I would like to send a message from HS to the computer in the main house and have that message "spoken" over the speakers.

    Example: At 10pm message is sent that the garage door is still open. I have sensors on many doors etc. HS speaks these messages but no one is in the office to hear.

    I know I could do it with another instance of HS running on the house computer but do not want to pay another license fee.

    Any suggestions.

    All computers are networked.

    Message Server will do that with HS 1.7 or get HS 2.0 and use the new speaker app. You can control the output destination of the new speaker app and have it speak over all instances of the speaker app or only certain ones.
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      xAP applications are agnostic as to the computer on which they are executing. You can have HS speak on another computer or accept VR from another computer.


        It is a small world. I just finished all the code to do that for my very tailored systems. (Very tailored systems means hard to share). Homeseer (1.7.44)runs on one machine and controls directly a set of anouncement speakers (4 speakers, three bedrooms and the great room). The Home Theater computer controls all audio and video through out the house. The 5 in-wall touchscreens (Panasonic CF-01 running Win95) act as the human interface to the house.

        Homeseer will now play its anouncements (e.g. doorbell, chimes, CallerID) over its locally controlled 4 speakers; unless the whole house audio system is running. In that case it will direct its anouncement to the Home Theater computer which will fade out the music playing, speak/play the anouncement, and then put back the music. It handles wave files as pre-anouncement attention getters.

        I have all the computers running xAP and talking (sending messages to each other). all xAP messages are broadcast UDP datagrams with the receiving computer determining if it is to act on the messages. Messages sent to "Utopia" are investigated by all recipients, Messages sent to Utopia.servers, are acted upon only by the two servers (Homeseer, HomeTheater) messages sent to only by the Home theater server, Utopia.Touchbase.clients is all touchscreens . . .

        The following messages are currently operating

        Date/time from homeseer to all of Utopia once per hour
        Heartbeats from each touchscreen to Utopia.Servers.Homeseer every minute. If a heartbeat is missed for 10 minutes, that touchscreen is rebooted by homeseer (Drops power, and then starts the machine up)
        Hometheater tells Homeseer about state of Audio system (what is playing) on any change in state
        Homeseer sends callerID messages to all of Utopia.
        Home Theater fields requests for song playing information (every 10 seconds) from touchscreens that are on the Music screen

        It is working very nicely, but is all handcoded in a manner that does not lend itself to porting over. If I get some time I will standardize and document the stuff and share it. It is very fast with delays in the low milisec range


          The step into distributed control opens many doors. The xAP solution is a natural fit with Homeseer. The mindset does need to bend a little to accept things happening that Homeseer hears about rather than Homeseer making happen.