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ALL my devices and events are gone!

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    ALL my devices and events are gone!

    Ok, I have been having trouble with my 8 port USB to Serial port adapter for the last day or so. It has caused HS to hang and I have had to kill the process and re start HS a few times.

    Last time I started HS *ALL* of my devices and events disappeared! I looked around for another config.xml that was larger in size (thinking that it was just loading the wrong one), but none seem to exist.
    Anyone know what the hell happened here? Is there anyway to get them back?

    BTW - this V1.7 not 2.0<O</O

    Tell me you were backing up your HS config directory nightly. Wasn't there a .bck extension on an XML file in your config directory?

    If your not backing up have a look at the free VB exe called BackeRupp in the scripts library.
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      Backup??? Oh yea, that was the part of the system I was getting to next week.....

      From that answer, I assume that this is a lost cause and I'm to start all over again..... Good thing I did most everything in scripts!

      Rather than looking at this as failure, I guess it is opportunity. If I'm to do it all over again, I guess I'll start with 2.0. I was going to hold off on that until some more bugs were worked out.

      The bigger question really is why? Does HS load everything into memory then blank out the xml file only to re-write it on shutdown? It just does not make any sense to me why the entire config file would go blank.