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Homeseer starting twice

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    Homeseer starting twice

    Since I reqrely reboot, Hadn't noticed this before. It was not happeneing about 2 months ago.

    If I reboot, shutoff, or restart then for some reason two copies of homeseer start. A shortcut to start HS is in the start menu startup folder and only once. The system then hangs with the HS startup window visible with the single line "Loading...". Task manager says there are two homeseer applications running, and neither of them are responding. There is one homeseer process running. The running apps are almost impossible to kill.

    Does HS fork a second process during initialization and do have a deadly embrace of some sort?

    Any help appreciated.

    If I starthome seer from either the quick launch tray where I have a shortcut, or any other short cut or from the exe in the homeseer folder all is Okay

    Which version of HS are you running, V1 or V2?

    If you are running V2 have you placed it in the start up menu and are running it as a "service"?

    If you have a service will start automatically when the OS starts so there is no need to have it in the Start Menu. If it is in both it will try to start twice.

    Sorry but thats all the input I can give without knowing which version you are running, hope it helps a bit.
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      OOPS, should have said V1.7.44. It is very confusing. It is as if HS starts, forks off a process called Homeseer, then they get into a deadly embrace waiting for something probably to do with plugins. I will probably strip it of all PI's and see if it is okay, and if so, add them back a few at a time.

      Right now it does not bother me since I rarely reboot the system. We have had some very bad electrical strorms with power tripping frequently for 1-2 seconds at a time as surge breakers absorb the lightning. The house goes out But HS stays up with all it's interace hardware because of the UPS. The theater goes down, and I am now debating putting the theater on a UPS, at least the DVR's. The theater PC is not an issue as it is a laptop whose battery acts as the UPS.


        I see this every now and then. I took out a couple of plug-ins I wasn't using and haven't seen it in a while. Also, if you are not using plug-ins, then it speeds things up if you unregister the .ocx and delete it. So that it knows what plug-ins are available, HomeSeer scans the root HS folder for .ocx and .exe plug-ins. I think this is where it locks up.