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WAF, you can't win.

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    WAF, you can't win.

    I've had a few performance problems with the setup for the last couple of days and a few things have been running slow.

    Wife: "Is the computer working, its just that the lights aren't working upstairs.

    Me: Run upstairs to check. From the top of the stairs shouting down, "Which lights".

    Wife: "the ensuite bathroom"

    Me: Pause for breath, "but thats not controlled by the computer" I reply

    Wife: "yeah, sorry".

    Problem, a broken conventional switch.

    Well, did you replace it with an automated switch?


      LOL that sounds like somthign I will have happen in the next few years


        This sounds funny but it's normally always the other way around and sometimes I go back with a conventional switch. Sometimes it's fun other times it's a hassle.
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          And sometimes it's MUCH better to have HS

          A few weeks ago, my wife and I were on vacation in the Virgin Islands. Our 18 year old son was housesitting while he works and takes a couple of summer courses at a local college. A heat wave was just setting in as we left, and I thought I'd be smart by just taking the house thermostat OFF automated control while we were gone, leaving it at a steady temperature. I even took the thermostat off the website.

          About 5 days into the vacation, we get a desperate call from our son informing us that the house temp was up to 89 degrees on the ground floor, with the upper story even hotter. Turns out the utility company was having brownouts like mad, and it was causing air conditioning compressors all over the area to trip their breakers. My tech said he had discussed the same problem with over 30 customers that day, and had resolved every call by just having the homeowner reset the breaker.

          SO... If I had trusted the system, and left it controlled by HS, I would have known that the house temp was starting to go up LONG before it reached 89 degrees. I could have alerted my son via mobile phone, or had him informed that the temp was increasing via email or text message. I think I'll do that in the future...

          This would be a lot easier if I knew what I was doing...


            Not to take this thread to far off track, but I recently did an EBay purchase of a temperature monitor mechanical device that I could set low and high points with. If the temp was below the low set point one set of contacts could close. Likewise if the temp was above the high setpoint another set of contacts could close.

            I (will) monitor these simple contact closures with my Ocelot and SECU16I add on module. Homeseer also monitors the Ocelot and could send a text message/Email alert event triggered by any of these 'closures'.

            I also have a 'homemade' power monitor that is nothing more than a 120VAC coil relay whose contacts would then open if the outlet I had it plugged into lost power (again monitored with the Ocelot/SECU16I). The Ocelot/SECU16I is powered off an Elk battery backed 12 volt supply and this supply is also powered into a small UPS unit inside my wiring closet. My cable modem, firewall/router, and hubs are also plugged into this UPS (so I can have an active internet connection when power is off). My Homeseer computer is powered off of its own UPS unit.

            Thus I (will) have a VERY simple monitoring method for critical items such as house power and temperature.

            If anyone is interested I will probably post a "How-To" or at least a followup discussion over CocoonTech.


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              Would like to see how to


              I would enjoy seeing your diagram / how to. Sounds like a solid, reliable system. Thanks.

              This would be a lot easier if I knew what I was doing...