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How well does the IR543 work?

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    How well does the IR543 work?

    I'm thinking about getting this to suppliment my control via my Harmony remote.

    ...And if anyone has one to sell let me know


    It works well and quickly as long as you keep other light sources from interfering with it.

    I had one behind a piece of smoked glass in my entertainment center and it worked great for over a year. After I moved it relocated to a place on top of a fish tank, without the smoke glass (but away from glaring light sources) and it worked well until the cat rested his paws on it after going "fishing."

    It's nice that, especially with IR, you get much more control over dimming levels with it than you do with triggering events via HomeSeer or even with an ocelot.

    I used mine with a HomeTherater Master MX700. I had LCD buttons setup for each device, and then used the remotes on, off, and volume buttons to send commands.

    So I could push the button for left lamp and on, and it would turn on, or left lamp and hold down the volume, and it would dim, or left lamp, hallway lamp, and on, and the left lamp and hallway lamp would turn on. It's very handy and responsive!

    Bottom line: if you want an easy way to control one housecode via IR, get one (there's an "all house code" version out there that can be had for around $70 too).
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