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Retrieve messages by other phone.

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    Retrieve messages by other phone.

    Hi got 2 questions. 1) I use HS PHONE for my answering machine. But if I am at a "remote" location can I retrieve my messages over the phone? If so how? Where is there a password entry field for this process. Also, since I can use homeseer's "voice" commands with my "internal" phone, can I execute voice commands from remote location, and if so how?

    For example at friends house and want to check my HS phone messages and then turn on my loft light, voice command "loft on". Possible and how?


    P.S. am pretty sure I can do this thru the Webserver without a problem, assuming I can properly configure my router--see previous post, but can I do it over the phone?

    Oooops, I think I can answer my own question

    it seems as though the passcode is in the mailbox screen. I would have thought it was in the options. I guess I understand the logic with people that have multilple mailboxes which I don't. Also there is a box that allows voice commands to be enabled with the mailbox. So, I am now enlighted. I will test it later.