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Smarthome appliance modules lose their address.

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    Smarthome appliance modules lose their address.

    Probably should have posted this in the general or 2.0 forum .

    Have several of the SH "quiet" appliancelinc modules and there was a thunderstorm yesterday (actually there is one MOST days here in FL) and my lamp with a compact fluorescent on an SH appliancelinc turned itself on. This is after I turned OFF local control when setting it up.

    Went to turn it off, and it wouldn't go off. Was sure it was a HS 2.0 bug, but then I realized I haven't even D/L'ed 2.0. So following Rupp's ( )advice I reinstalled my Leviton coupler/repeater (pulling my passive coupler) and it still wouldn't turn off.

    Called up X-10's firecracker on this PC and it wouldn't turn it off either.

    Then I remembered something I think I read here, that DESPITE SH's claims of permanent memory, these things WILL forget their address. (Boy - just don't you hate those old fashioned code wheels!)

    So I turned off A1 on the firecracker (x-10 computer based palmpad) - and WOW - light is finally off. Now I guess I will tell it what address it is AGAIN.

    Buyers - be advised.


    (Mostly in fun)

    P.S. Have a "Safety 1st" (X-10 knock-off) appliance module and put a compact fluorescent on it and the bulb died in two days. So much for 5 years. Same thing with next bulb. Took bulbs back to Walmart and bought Home Depot ones. Installed new bulb and noticed it was flashing on and off at a very low level. (In the off mode.) Not using that module again.

    PPS: Are these things really UL approved? What does that mean? How about the shredder whose sheet feed (electric eye) sensor died while I was on vacation? Then I came home to this (amazingly) loud grinding noise as the high torque motor had been running for how long? That's not a fire hazard? I'm killing the power next time I go anywhere. No alarm, no HS web contol - but safer.

    These appliance and lamp modules always have a very low level of power going through them so I could see how this would break a shredder and fry those CCF bulbs. I'm sure they aren't dim-able and this is in essence what the low power feed is doing. The SH type appliance modules have a way (I believe) to turn this low level feed off. But if the power is interrupted it sounds like it reverts to a regular old appliance module which would fry any of these devices that do not like a trickle of power running through them.
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      Thanks Rupp,

      Shredder wasn't on any module - just plugged in. Either the light to the "electric eye" just died or a power surge killed it. Shredder then thought a piece of paper had been inserted (light is blocked) and started running. I hope people notice this thread and unplug "automatic" on shredders when they leave the house.

      I know lamp modules pass a little current - but I THOUGHT appliance modules were dead to the load, but I guess I'm wrong because "local control" would not work then. Hmm - learn something everyday - thanks.

      However, SH's appliancelinc's have the ability to turn off local control when you set them up. But apparently, even the slightest electrical disturbance will cause them to revert to plain old appliance modules, set to A1, WITH local control enabled. Bummer ( gawd I'm old.) SH recommends that you turn off local control when using a (compact) fluorescent.

      Thanks again,