Just checking if some one has any clue/rumor of an new Russound Whole House Audio Contorller like CAV6.6 that can do Component Video switching insead of Composite-
The following points come to my mind-
  1. Its been 3 yrs (I believe) since CAV6.6 was introducded so its due for something new.
  2. Every company in video market knows that Component (Digital) is going to be the minimum norm for future (totally my oninion).
  3. If something gets introduced, this will make the cost of existing CAV6.6 lower as they would market new product at higher price point.
  4. Would they use UNO S2 key pad and wiring for the keypad and speaker remains same
  5. What wiring layout would they comeup for video distribution and switching. I mean if I have to keep my home future ready particulary for this new CAV, Cat 5 with component blauns or 3 RG6 or something else?
  6. How does this new product would affect Cinemnar/HS/HAI etc?
Once again I am not saying that something is coming but I am saying something is overdue. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks, Shaurya