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O/T: Security System with HomeSeer?

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    O/T: Security System with HomeSeer?

    I've been using HomeSeer for basic HA stuff for years. Turning on/off Xmas lights in season, monitoring a few temperature sensors via TEMP05 etc...

    Well now I have the need to add some sort of security system to my house.

    I have not decided what to do or how far to go with a security system though.

    I'd like to monitor doors & windows on our 1st floor.

    I'm also thinking of some sort of survellance cams...maybe IP cams that can stream but also ftp images based on movement...

    What are my options?

    I have some DS10's on doors and windows.

    I have some DM10's just outside the house in areas close to gates and entrances.

    I have a couple MS10's inside covering rooms.

    I've also got some X-10 security remotes and a 10-X chime.

    When the logical device that signals we are asleep is set, if any of the monitored doors or windows are open, it will ring the chime and announce which area to check. We haven't had a problem with stuff being left open overnight, but why not check anyway?

    If any of them alert during the night, I cut on lights in the area, play the chime, and make an annoucement.

    The logic changes a little when the logical device I have to indicate whether we are home or away is set to away. Then emails and SMS messages to cellphones are also sent in addition to the lights, chime, and message.

    I still need to work on getting my IP cameras integrated with HS. For now I would connect to them and manually see what was going on. Both the Veo Observer and Toshiba IK-WB series IP web cams I have can do this. The Veo requires an optional hardware sensor be added. I think the Toshibas can do it in software, or by an optional motion sensor or trigger. The Toshiba can upload images to a FTP host, and/or store them in a SD card in the camera. The Veo can send a mail message via SMTP that motion was detected. You'd need other software to pull images out of it automagically.

    I used to have the X-10 DS7000 console hooked up, but can do this via the W800 plugin and HS now.

    Good luck,



      If your looking hardwired seems like the two most popular on this BBS are the Caddx and the Elk M1 Gold. I have the Caddx NX-8E and am very happy with it, no Elk experience though.

      Both have plug-ins to interface with HS and should work fine.

      Hope this helps, Later Terry