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Help - New House Wiring - Audio Zone Control - Feedback request

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    Help - New House Wiring - Audio Zone Control - Feedback request


    I am deffinately new to this but a fast learner. I have been playing with Homeseer for about a month in my office testing simple things to gain familiarity with the products and all works great

    I am building a house right now and have been pouring over the information on the message board until my brain feels like a scrambled egg so please bear with me if my questions sound "simple minded".

    The home will have a dedicated wiring closet (6 high x 8 wide) in the basement with a dedicated hardware closet immediately above it (under the stairs in the kitchen) for the Server, Routers, Amps etc etc. This will allow easy short connections from the closet to the hardware.

    Home audio (Not video) is all I want to tackle in this message: So many options...

    After much reading, and extensive study of the wiring diagrams, my choice of setup will be similar to John's (jwilson56) with the multi amp. My house will have 4 zones : 1-Outside 2 Livingroom 3-Kitchen 4-masterbed

    All audio will be served from the Homeseer server. This was designed specifically for this purpose and includes the latest SB Audigy 2 soundcard for maximum quality and an 80GIG drive for storing tonnes of MP3's and WMF files ripped from CD's. The server is running AMD 2 GIG and windows XP Pro. I want to control all the Audio (and all other HS Options) via Pocket PC's and Tablet base stations.

    Q) Slink-E - This will connect directly to the Xantech AV6 distribution amp since there is no CD Changer involved. This will work right?

    Q) Slink-E - How does the IR get to the Slink-E if the slink-e is on the Back of the Server under the stairs? Stupid question but isn't IR line of site? Do I need IR repeaters all over the house to get the message to the Slink-E? Can someone explain more clearly how the remote Audry units and pocket pc's work with the Slink-E to send the required IR signals to the amps and distribution am. As I said "scrambled egg" brain.

    Q)Can I use the W800RF32 RF transmitter to accomplish the same functions as the Slink-E for audio control? This would elminate the need for IR repeaters all over the house would it not?

    Q) I am completely sold on the Media Player plugin...I don't have to use the CDJ or Nowplaying software do I to control the volume of the various zones?

    Q) Distribution amp - I am unclear as to how the distribution amp is controlled. Does this show up as devices in homeseer that can be selected, turned on etc

    Q) Distribution amp - Is there any sudden change is volumes to active zones when a new zone is turned on or off?

    Q) How exactly can you control each volume control for each amp from Homeseer, pocket pc or tablet.

    Q)I want to be able to voice command HS to turn on variouse zones via the distribution amp when Media Player plugin in dishing out the music. Including volume control. How? Again, can the amps be set up as devices with volume control in Homeseer?

    Q) John, can you provide some screenshots of your Homeseer interface showing the audio setup? This may clear up many of my questions

    Q) For tablet/Laptop base stations I was simply going to use MS Remote desktop to control homeseer for various locations in the house. Good idea or bad idea?

    Q) VR with media player. I am considering RF Mics in conjuction with the W800RF32 RF transmitter to send VR from the base stations back to homeseer to control the media player functions. Anyone have thoughts or experience, or recomendations on RF versus hardwired mic? These electricians charge an arm and leg for wire pulling and I have to use them (building codes) in this house project.

    Q) Breakout box - What is this anyways?

    Q) DB25 Port - What is this?

    Ah...that's about all my brain can handle at the moment, I am sure I will have more. Currently putting together my wiring diagram based on John's. Thanks everyone

    Multi amp whole audio

    Sorry about that. This is the thread that my questions are directed at.