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PCIRlinc for home audio question

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    PCIRlinc for home audio question

    My Home audio system will be completely driven by PC (No CD Changer) and powered by an amp/receiver for each zone I need. All amps and the PC Audio out connected to a distribution amp. The amps and the Server are located in the same hardware closet. I will use WiFi pocket PCs and Tablets to control Homeseer with the media player 9 plugin to control the audio via the webserve.


    I have been reading about IR Zones but am still unclear on this. What exactly is an IR zone? I was reading the Slink-e operates as a standalone 8-zone infrared routing system which "so keeping the Technic's IR signals seperate was a breeze." from this link

    Why did it make it a breeze?

    Which brings me to my next question. If I am using all the same model amps, will the PCIRlinc give conflicting ir signals? For example, if two amps are identical model Onkyos, will an "ON" IR transmission intended for "Amp/Zone 1" be picked up as well by "Amp/Zone 2". Know what I mean?

    After much reading it sounds like the PCIRlinc would be perfect, simple and cost effective for controlling multiple amps independently of each other.

    Which brings me to another Question

    At the moment I am using a CM11A controller taking up my only RS232 com port. The CM11A has an RS232 open plug on the end of it. If I plug the PCIRlinc into the back of it will everything continue to work? Should I just switch to the USB Powerlinc module instead ( I have lots of USB), dump the CM11a and plug the PCIRLinc into the newly available RS232?

    Thoughts anyone?

    Use IR zones to keep IR signals in a specific area. IR is line of sight for the most part, with some reflection off walls, but usually won't travel between rooms. The only powerful IR transmitter I am aware of is the Pronto remote, and you can actually bounce IR off the walls from another room in good conditions. Most of the other products including the ones you mention are not nearly as strong.

    The main reason for having zones is so the Sony in the family room and the Sony in your MBR don't change channels every time you change the channel in one or the other room. If you have PowerMids (as I do), then you are not Zoning, so you would probably have this problem. Or your Powermids are restricted to one zone, or part of the house.

    I don't have any equipment that is the same brand/IR base and so I don't need zones - and that includes all 7 TV's! If you have the same brand name equipment (2 Sony TV's or 2 Toshiba DVD's or 2 RCA/GE/Thompson TV's for example) then you might want to use Zones.

    The problem with zoning is that you need to run your IR cables around the house. For some this is a pain in the asterisk. I elected to use PowerMids so I can go wireless. The problem is - you get no zoning capability.

    regards, D:



      OK, so that's what I thought, identical amps would pick up the same IR signal and all turn on...for example.

      Now, how exactly does one create an "IR Zone" to solve this problem using a PCIRLinc?

      Is this something "VirtuaL" within the Homeseer IR Config or is there some specific IR Hardware that I have to buy on top of PCIRLinc?

      Is PCIRLinc zoneable?