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MainLobby / MLHomeseer Question

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    MainLobby / MLHomeseer Question

    I just started playing around with MainLobby Server and my first attempt is to integrate with Homeseer.

    I am calling MLHomeseer via "MLServeCmd.MLHomeseer|/voice:speak:Hello from main lobby" and do not get any speech from Homeseer.

    In the HS log is the following:
    9/7/2003 9:22:16 AM~!~MLHomeseer Info~!~Interface to Homeseer successfully started: 09/07/2003 09:22:16 AM
    9/7/2003 9:23:18 AM~!~MLHomeseer Info~!~Client: [avmaster]
    9/7/2003 9:23:18 AM~!~MLHomeseer Info~!~Cmd: [/voice:speak:Hello from main lobby]Reply: [] 0 characters

    I tried initiating an Homeseer event from MainLobby/MLHomeseer plug-in and the end result is the same. Homeseer sees that MLHomeseer has sent it something via the log, but nothing is ever executed. I believe it to be a problem with the MLSever/MLHomeseer plug-in rather than the Homeseer application.

    So it appears that MLServer accepts the command from MainLobby and then Homeseer actually receives the command, but no speech is ever produced.

    HomeSeer 2, HomeSeer 3, Allonis myServer, Amazon Alexa Dots, ELK M1G, ISY 994i, HomeKit, BlueIris, and 6 "4k" Cameras using NVR, and integration between all of these systems. Home Automation since 1980.


    I currently have the MainLobby suite (MainLobby, WebLobby and DVDLobby) with version 2.25B. Where can I get the Homeseer plugin and MainLobby server?

    I checked the MainLobby site but I haven't found anything new.




      Try this:
      "MLServeCmd.MLHomeseer|voice:speak:Hello from main lobby"

      The documentation was wrong. Dan advised he would fix in next release.

      Have you tried the ML / HS Plugin yet?
      If you have 2 way X10 devices, it works great.
      When you slide a Flash dimmer handle, light dims and then HS updates the position of the Flash handle. Look at in the MainLobby thread (pretty sure it's there - maybe the Cinemar forums...I loose track!).


        You need the latest MainLobby 2.30 Server edition - go back and login to Mario's download site and get the latest.

        Follow this thread for the link for Dan's MLServer.

        The Girder and Homeseer plugins are part of the MLServer. Free, Zip, Nadda, Nothing! We owe Dan Big (and HS forum's own Larry Rowland!).

        By the way, you gotta check out Mario / Dan's new MusicLobby - it's fantastic. Requires MediaCenter or MediaJukebox, MainLobby, MusicLobby. So, it ain't cheap but it has really tightened up my whole HA software. It is now at a whole new level.

        [This message was edited by DavidL on Sun, 07 September 2003 at 06:14 PM.]


          David and myself are trying to figure out why MLHomeseer and HS cause each event, etc to tigger two times.

          For example, if you have MainLobby do a voice command, it ends up speaking it twice. Not example sure why yet.

          Stay tuned.
          HomeSeer 2, HomeSeer 3, Allonis myServer, Amazon Alexa Dots, ELK M1G, ISY 994i, HomeKit, BlueIris, and 6 "4k" Cameras using NVR, and integration between all of these systems. Home Automation since 1980.


            Dan posted at Cinemar's forum that he is aware of the HS double speak and already has a fix that should be in the next release.

            He also hinted that he will develop some additional Flash devices for Homeseer control!
            Can't wait!


              Strange, I noticed Mario is in WI, and all of the posters to this thread are from up north - ML is too cool for those of us currently or formerly of the northern persuasion... ;-)

              I think ML and HS is going to be a fantasticly powerful combination. I met Mario at CEDIA this past weekend and told him that I am willing to help out with the interface any way I can.


              Rick Tinker
              HomeSeer Technologies


              Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


                I posted the following on Cinemar's message board. We are working together but still need Cinemar's assistince in completing this project. Just wanted to x-post to here...

                For the past 5 months, I along with the support of Smoothtalk have been working on the development of a integrated two-way plugin for the HomeSeer home automation software. The current implemenation (second revision) is a complete re-design and re-write of Larry's current HS plugin.

                At this point, I have a working prototype and am awaiting (now over 5 months) for Cinemar to provide the necessary tools and interfaces to complete the connectivity to the visual ML Clients. ML Server and HomeSeer will now communicate information bi-directionally based on a subscription basis.

                This new client will provide the following: (Phase 1)

                1.) Network aware client/server architecture that will support the Main Lobby Server and HomeSeer software to be on different computers. Essentially, ML Server/ML Clients/HomeSeer will be able to initiate and receive commands through a distributed network environment.

                2.) ML Client will receive X10 and Device Status String changes for house codes A-Z and unit codes 1-99. (Current plugin only supports X10 device value changes for house code A-P and unit codes 1-15). This will greatly enhance the information that ML clients will be able to graphically present on a ML scene.

                3.) Ability for HomeSeer scripting interface to send MLServeCMD commands to Main Lobby Server and Main Lobby Clients.

                4.) ML Client Graphic Capability - "unknown". Awaiting for Cinemar to publish specifications. We are hoping to present a interim workaround for ML2 with more natively supported capabilities in the future released ML3.

                5.) Limited command set. I am starting with the architectural framework and will address the exiting HS plugin's command set in phase 2. Since the new plugin will have a different name, you will still be able to utilize Larry's existing plugin along with the abilities to publish data from the new plugin to ML Clients.

                (Phase 2)

                1.) Full HomeSeer Status and Event (Trigger/Action GUI/Web Server) integration. User will now be able to define an event trigger in HomeSeer that will send actions to Main Lobby Server/Main Lobby Clients.

                2.) Complete and extend exiting HS plugin command support.

                I am committed and eager to provide the integration between both systems. Smoothtalk, myself, and Rick Tinker (CTO HomeSeer Technologies) have initiated MANY attempts to interact with Cinemar to provide the best possible integration. Unfortunately, this project does not appear to be as high of a priority to Cinemar as it to us. As it stands, I am able to provide you 75% of this solution. With all respect, we either need Cinemar to provide the remaining 25% of the ML Client integration, or provide the documented application interfaces so that this project can be completed sooner than later.
                HomeSeer 2, HomeSeer 3, Allonis myServer, Amazon Alexa Dots, ELK M1G, ISY 994i, HomeKit, BlueIris, and 6 "4k" Cameras using NVR, and integration between all of these systems. Home Automation since 1980.


                  I know I for 1 am egerly awaiting this. I currently use the mainlobby system but stil have to resort to using web asp pages to do a lot of stuff like display a particular on or off graphic button fro a lights staus. A totall intergrated solution will make my like and programing time much much easyer.
                  detail of setup in profile. Link to videos of my projects there as well. Over 300 scripts running every min and counting


                    Count me in.
                    I am considering using ML.
                    The interface is great, but the HS/ML communication is just not there yet.

                    This would be a great help!