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cd3o for distributing audio?

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    cd3o for distributing audio?

    I did a seach expecting to see these devices being discussed, and was surprised that there's been no mention of them on these boards.

    While looking at various networked MP3 players recently, I came across a series of products from a company called cd3o. The interesting thing about their players is that rather than a display, they communicate by speaking with the user. This appears to be done by sending audio from the server to the device.

    I was thinking that this would be a pretty good way to distribute HomeSeer speech to different rooms in my house, if an appropriate plug-in could be written. They already have a document on their web site describing how to talk to the server, and there was some noise made about publishing the actual server-to-device protocol.

    Has anyone looked at these devices?

    Most of the discussions I've seen on devices of this type have centered around the AudioTron from Turtle Beach. This device sounds interesting and not too badly priced. Why would you need an HS interface if you have the remote? Maybe to setup new playlists and such? Let us know if you decide to go this way.

    The Turtle Beach site has a Top 10 Things to Look at Before You Buy a Digital Audio Receiver:
    10. Does it play Internet Radio?
    Many DARs (Digital Audio Receivers) don’t. That means you’re missing out on tens of thousands of sources for new listening experiences if you settle for a player without Internet audio streaming capabilities. Whether it’s listening to an Internet radio broadcast from halfway around the world or from halfway down the block – don’t even think about buying a DAR without Internet Radio.

    9. Does it have a digital out?
    Audio quality is important, especially on a device that’s designed to play music through your stereo system. Don’t settle for an analog output only.

    8. Can you control playback from the unit, or do you have to be at a PC?
    Make sure that your potential DAR isn’t just a glorified cable running from your PC to your stereo. What's the point of getting your digital music out of the computer room and onto your stereo if you still need to go back to the PC to do anything with it?

    7. Do you need to run special server software – or can the unit work on any platform?
    Dedicating a PC to run music server software is a pricey way to get a Digital Audio Server. What if you want to access music you have stored on multiple machines? Make sure that if you decide you want to store your music on a Network Attached Storage device (NAS) that your DAR has the capability. If it requires server side software, you’re out of luck.

    6. Does it automatically create playlists for you, or do you need to make them yourself at a PC?
    How do you make a new playlist? If you suddenly have an urge to play Billy Joel – make sure that you don’t have to trek back to your PC just to make a playlist. Only a unit with an onboard controls and display can let you do this.

    5. How does it look?
    When you’re putting a Digital Audio Receiver into your home theater system, it can’t look like a toy. Make sure your new stereo component looks like a stereo component.

    4. What formats does it support?
    MP3 and Windows Media are a given – but also make sure that your potential DAR can play back WAVE files. Sometimes you simply don’t want to compromise on audio quality, and WAVE files give you the exact same quality as a CD.

    3. Can you run multiple units at the same time?
    If a DAR needs server-side software, it can limit the number of units you can connect simultaneously. Imagine having your digital music collection available to you in any room in your home – in the bedroom, den, or even the garage – at the same time. Why restrict yourself to only one room by purchasing a DAR that only works one at a time.
    (By the way – we’ve successfully tested over 50 AudioTrons running at the same time – from a single server!)

    2. Does it have an API that third parties can write applications for?
    Make sure that your unit isn’t a closed system. Having an open API gives third party developers almost limitless flexibility to develop custom tools and interfaces for your DAR. Open APIs allow anything from a snazzy custom web interface, to local weather reports automatically announced during breakfast, to announcing the Caller ID on all your incoming phone calls!

    1. Is it an AudioTron from Turtle Beach?
    If you want to make sure that you get the very best – it’s got to be Turtle Beach!

    7-8 out of ten is not that bad for a unit that is half the price and this unit has a wireless option to boot. Good find.

    Isn't Disney World a people trap operated by a mouse?



      I already have an Audiotron in my audio rack and have just purchased a couple of Rio Receivers to use in other rooms. The thought I had about the cd3o boxes was not playing music, but rather having HS do its speech through them.


        AH HA. You looking for a wireless way to get speech to your stereo.

        How do the cd30 compare to the AudioTron?

        Isn't Disney World a people trap operated by a mouse?