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    Monitor Control (EXE)

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to post this executable that I have made. It allows you to control your monitor's power (on/off), and your screen saver (on/off).

    It is based on parameters. It has 4 main parameters: /p_on, /p_off, /ss_on, and /ss_off. If you run the EXE without any parameters (or an invalid parameter), it will prompt you with the valid parameters.

    I made this for personal use, but figured that other people might want it as well. Some cases that this could be used is when you arm your alarm, turn on your screen saver and turn off your monitor. When you walk into the room, turn off the screen saver, and turn on the monitor. There are endless possibilities considering what home automation has come to today.

    Please give me feedback on this program, if you would like.

    To use this program, you can either use the built-in HomeSeer executable running options on an event, or you can use a script and run that script from the event.

    Here is a script an example script you could use (assuming MonitorCtrl.exe is in the HomeSeer application directory):

    <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">Dim strAppPath
    Dim strEXEPath

    strAppPath = hs.GetAppPath
    If (Right(strAppPath, 1) &lt;&gt; "\") Then strAppPath = strAppPath & "\"

    strEXEPath = strAppPath & "MonitorCtrl.exe"

    Sub Main()
    hs.Launch strEXEPath, "", ""
    End Sub

    Sub MonitorOn()
    hs.Launch strEXEPath, "/p_on", ""
    End Sub

    Sub MonitorOff()
    hs.Launch strEXEPath, "/p_off", ""
    End Sub

    Sub ScreenSaverOn()
    hs.Launch strEXEPath, "/ss_on", ""
    End Sub

    Sub ScreenSaverOff()
    hs.Launch strEXEPath, "/ss_off", ""
    End Sub</pre>

    I hope everyone enjoys the program. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at Have a great day!

    &nbsp;&nbsp;Best Regards,
    &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Dale Higgs (Synthesize)

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    Why not post this in the script library? This the most logical place to "store" the exe.

    Why don't they just make mouse-flavored cat food?


      I will do that, I had no idea where to put it, so I just put it in General Discussion.

      &nbsp;&nbsp;Best Regards,
      &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Dale Higgs (Synthesize)




        What happens if the Screen Saver is password protected, will it still work ?



          Phill, if you download the program and run it without any parameters, it will tell you that it does not bypass password protection. If I knew how to do this, I'm sure I would implement it. I've tried before, still have not gotten it. Windows is just too secure for me, I guess (HA, HA, HA).

          This topic is now located in the Script Library:

          &nbsp;&nbsp;Best Regards,
          &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Dale Higgs (Synthesize)



            Guys, I know this is a really old thread but.....

            I'm trying to get this script to work but having problems passing the parameters to turn the monitor off and on. I copied the exe file to the HS directory and then copied the script into an event. When I launch the event the EXE launches and is stating I need to use one of the parameters like /p_on...

            I'm confused to where I need to declare these parameters in the event and how to do it? Any thoughts or suggestions??? Maybe a better solution to control a touchscreens on/off behavior??



              My son created this .exe and I still use it today. It turns on my HS monitors when I walk into my office. It is simple to use and has a very low resource impact on computer.

              Here's how I use it:

              1) The monitor.exe is in a folder named "monitor control" in the 'HomeSeer 2" folder. C:\Program Files\HomeSeer2\monitor control

              2) I created 3 events, "Monitor ON”, "Monitor OFF" and "Screen Saver ON" with the trigger for each one as "manual only".

              3) Under the action tab for each event use the "Add Action", "Launch Application"

              4) Here you will see a box labeled "Application:" place the full path to monitor.exe in this box.
              Ex: c:\program files\homeseer 2\monitor control\monitorctrl.exe

              5) Below the "Application" box is "Parameters:" box, enter the correct parameter for each event. To turn your monitor on then use /p_on

              Because, monitor on & off overrides the screen saver I do not use the parameter /ss_off. I simply use monitor off when the motion detector triggers the lights to go off and monitor on when the motion detector triggers the lights on by placing the manual event in the action for each event for Office lights on or Office lights off.

              This only works on the machine that HomeSeer is running on, but could be used with something like "Script Connector" to activate it on a remote machine.

              If I was not clear with my explanation, please feel free to ask.


              I just noticed that /ss is what I use to turn on the screen saver and not /ss_on. I checked it and /ss does start the screen saver and /p_on or /p_off will override the screen saver.
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                There is also a sample Monitor control script available with the Script Connector plugin.

                You can switch on/off any remote monitor from HomeSeer. (Monitors must be connected to Windows computers with the Script Client running).

                I like when I step in a computer room, HomeSeer detects my presence with a MS13 and the Script Connector switches all monitors on


                  I also use this to turn on my kitchen touch screen when someone enters that room. And I have a monitor that displays pictures whish also gets turned on from motion.