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Veo Observer Pan/Tilt IP Camera (Network, CCD, 1 lux, $199)

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    Yes I changed the filename convention by using the camera name as a prefix.
    This should allow the use of multiple cameras via multiple instances of the program.


    Does this version help you with multiple cams ?
    I have only one, so I can't really test if it is functional.


    I just updated the file again, correcting a small bug, but more important, it contains sample ASP files to show how the pan/tilt can be controlled from a web page in the Homeseer server.
    There is a readme file on how to.

    I don't think I will further develop this as I have to assign time on the real plugin now, but if you have any request that could help you do something, let me know.

    BTW, if you have a "terrific" asp page to control a cam, I'm interested by you contribution. As you probably will see in my asp files, my expertise is basic in that domain.

    Mac Gyver.


      Based on this thread I went ahead and bought one of these, and just hooked it up with Mac Gyver's little test app. Works great! Man this is going to be fun! Seems like a great little camera, and as a true net cam it overcame the only reason I hadn't done any cameras yet. Tee hee... This is wonderful!

      I can't wait for your plug-in. Keep us informed!


        This is nice. I can't wait for the plugin. I might have to buy one or two more of these cameras.



          Is the Veo still useless for outside use? I noticed the review said that it can't tolerate the light changes etc. Has anyone ever posted a sample pic? I am unable to find one. I do like that logitec myself too, but will have to find out if it can handle -30F outside. Maybe we should have Martin (Automated Outlet) to take a look at these, see if he can get them (and allowed to sell) cheaper.


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            Mac Gyver: I've sent you a couple of emails to the address in your profile, but I'm not convinced they are reaching you. If you see this: Is there a better email address to reach you at?

            One of the problems I'm trying to deal with is that your app names the JPG snapshot files with a space in the name, and it appears that doesn't work with the "real" Java VM (i.e. the applet doesn't pick up the file). It actually seems to work on clients that are running Microsoft's VM.

            My temporary fix is to run a script once a second to copy the file to one without a space in the name. That works, but it clearly isn't the ideal solution. I know you are working on a plug-in for this camera, but in the meantime, can you post a minor fix to remove the space in the name?



              Sorry Steve, I had too much work at the office and was still in my jet-lag recovery from my trip to the CES in Vegas, so I waited for the W-E.

              So now that my brain has cleared from the Corona, I hope I've done it right...



                Thanks for the quick response! Unfortunately, the changes seem to have introduced some problems. I've sent some of the specifics to you via email.

                I think we need to let you recover from the trip! Until then, I'll stand by with the previous version.



                  Thanks for your input Steve.


                    How goes the progress on the plugin?

                    FWIW, I'm drooling over here.



                      Where is the latest app with Steve's fixes in it? Are you still planning a plugin?

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                        So, enquiring minds want to know: Are you still working the plug-in? My veo is waiting...

                        Mac posted the update as an edit to his orignal post, above. It is version 0.8.



                          Hey, Mac, any progress?