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cheap way to control ceiling fans?

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    ----There's not enough room---!

    I built the rf modulator that I described above which allows my Ocelot to control each of my six ceiling fans, giving me x-10 control of my fans. And I plan to use x-10 lamp dimmer modules for the lights in the fans. But there's no room above the fans in the fan wiring area for both the rf fan module and the wired-in style lamp module. In fact, even with the rf module removed, the lamp module still doesn't's too thick. The fans are hard wired to the power, no switches on the wall (this is in a swimming pool room, foam and aluminum roof material), and no easy access to the wiring except at the fan mounting.

    Before I dive into the task of adding an ugly j-box next to each fan on the ceiling to hold at least the lamp modules I thought I'd check to see if there was a better way to control both fan speed and light brightness via x-10 with a receiver module that would fit above the fan. From what I've read it doesn't appear that there is such a unit?

    Any comments?