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    Roku Media Player (hd1000)

    I just got this Roku media player, and I am impressed. If you like homeseer you should like this box. It plays photos, MP3's and even MPEG2 video streams on your HDTV. It has component video and VGA out with 1080i. It also has coax SPDIF for audio. It has 10/100 ethernet and will support Wireless over USB. The reason I'm posting here is the fact it is based on Linux and they have released a developers kit. The possibilities seem very exciting. You can access the device via scripts sent to the ethernet interface, or by using a direct serial link. Some of the examples in the SDK are using simple Bash script to have it play particular MP3's or playlist, or Photos. Take a look and come up with some good ideas of scripts to write for it. Maybe we can have a seperate hardware forum if folks are interested.

    PS they just dropped the price from $500 to $300.


    Thanks for the link. I read up on them at AVS forum and then bought one. There is a thread that goes on for 50 pages that has a lot of info if you haven't seen it. Thankfully, there is a search within thread feature tha doesn't force you to read the entire thing.

    BTW, it started out as a still image media player, but with software additions it can now play a "transport stream" that IIRC is 19 Mb/s and is how HD is tranmitted by the networks and can be recorded in that format by several PC cards.

    Rico, what are you doing with it?


      I'm primarily using my unit for MP3 playback and some photo viewing. I downloaded the software development kit, and it appears that you can send script commands to the unit via the ethernet or serial port. I'm not sure what I can do with it as far as automation...I was hoping some other had come up with some ideas already.

      Here is a link to the roku forums:


        Are you still happy with the player? Anything new you have done for found?
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          I have the same unit. It is in the Home theater. I store concert DVD's on my Homeseer server along with DTS CD's as wav files and regular CD's as mp3 files.

          The roku plays the concert DVD's (My regular DVD collection is too big to store) with 5.1 DD audio, Plays the wav files as full channel DTS and plays all of the mp3's.

          I use mPlay, Sonica, Weathersix and SDesk all are now working fine.

          I control the Roku over an RS232 link


            Do you rip the concert DVD's to disk? What do you use for your regular DVD collection. I was thinking about ripping my DVD collection (about 250) to disk so that it could be better controlled with HS. I have software that makes a video and audio folder with vob, ifo, etc. Is this how you do it?


              My DVD collection as at 330 movie DVD's at this time. A typical movie uncompressed takes about 10Gig. A 250G drive would hold about 25 movie DVD's. A concert DVD takes about 4G. I already had the changers installed, but even so they are a cheaper solution. 300 DVD's (single changer capacity) would require 300*10 Gig or 3 terabytes lets assume a 300G HD costs $200. We need 10 of them at a cost of $2000, Plus the PC with lots of bays. The changers can be had for under $400 apiece.

              They are stored in two Sony DVD megachangers of 300 disks apiece. The sony megachangers are controlled by IR. I have that working very well. My system shows the DVD library by either title (alphabetically) or slot (reverse chrono). A single click on the desired title selects the correct changer, loads the DVD, and starts playing it.

              My S.O. likes concert DVD's by pop artists (Michael Buble, Sade, Sarah Mclachlin, Alison Kruse, Norah Jones, etc.). Many of them have DD 5.1 tracks. I use DVDshrink to rip the DVD to a hard drive on the HS server. DVDshrink gives a lot of flexibility, including selecting which audio tracks to use, cutting off and crap in the beginning (ads, previews) or end (credits etc). I generally do the rip with no compression (the derver drive is 300Gig and is dedicated to media files, with room for 2 more drives in the server). I then use mPlay on the Roku to play the DVD.

              We probably should be discussing this on the roku forums.