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Best IO device to use with HS?

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    I already have a Leopard device and find it less than reliable.

    I have a temp Bobcat a secu16IR and secu16 D/AIO

    The other day the bobcat lost its mind and went into address mode (This is the second time this has happend) when this happens all the devices on the Leopard bus stop responding. I disconnected the Bobcat and the other devices came back on line after a reboot of cause. Then I went to re address it but had to disconnect the working devices and blam. confliting address. So I just have it disconnected for now. I just want somthing that does not rely on somthing else to be working before it works.

    IE a simple Reliable IO device such as a PCI card in the server or somthing.



      Here is a PCI card with a partial HS plugin written.


        Thanks for the detailed description. I'm sure it will bring new ideas to all of us. (At least it did to me for sure.. )
        The UPSs - IMO no matter what kind of UPS have, the battery should last MUCH longer then 3 months if you don't over power it or don't have 1 hr power outages every day. If you have to change them every three months, there is definitely something wrong. Check the power you are drawing from them and if everything is OK, I'd call the company.



          Can't beat the 4 port USB Game port adapter for price, 32 digital inputs for about $20 on Ebay.

          Digital outputs are harder to do. There is the parallel port plugin but not sure this works under XP.

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            One thing to consider when controlling outputs with a computer, is weather you want the outputs to remain as is when the computer fails or there is a power outage, or have them all go to a fail safe position like off when that happens. For digital outputs, the parallel port is about as simple and cheap as it gets. It can also do simple input monitoring cheaply too. The serial port can also do inexpensive digital output with an IO chip. Input on the serial port has a little more overhead than the parallel port. I haven't tinkered with the USB gizmos, but you may need to know some windows programming to set them up for individual use situations.
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              The batteries last longer than 3 months. Believe me, I would not keep buying APC UPSs if the batteries only lasted 3 months!

              Out of 20+ UPSs I change ONE battery every 3-5 months. Maybe it's not quite that freqently but it seems like it (I don't keep records). If I changed one battery every 3 months, and there are 20 UPSs, that is 4 a year that need replacing so I guess that averages out to each battery lasting 5 years. I was just estimating they last 18-24 months based on what it seems like, but it may be a little longer - maybe closer to 3 years. Some haven't had a new battery yet and I know they are a couple of years old. I think I will start putting a label on the UPS when I change the battery so I will know exactly how long they are lasting.


                Oh OK.
                Now I understand. In that case everything is perfectly normal..